I Love It…

…when my daughter M exhibits the same tastes as me and I hate it when she likes things I don’t (like make-up and heels)…Yeah, yeah I know I shouldn’t expect or want her to be a carbon copy of me yada yada, but I can’t help being proud of her when she says, “Maa, can you play America and Sound of Silence (both by Simon and Garfunkel) and oh don’t forget Four Seasons (by Vivaldi)”…

The other day my husband nearly choked on a chicken wing when M said, “Baba, I like this song…Could you play it again?” He was listening to Easy Livin‘ by Uriah Heep…

This is what I have to say to M – “You rock, baby!”


21 thoughts on “I Love It…

  1. Awww…that cutie pie. Smart too!

    Bones, My daughter’s name also starts with M and I think yours is 5 yrs old too.
    Yes, she’s turning 5 on Monday and is excited about it


  2. Great Songs . I had not heard America or Easy Livin . And , really really cool kid . She has great taste at such a young age . πŸ™‚ You guys are doing a great job .


  3. It’s interesting to see a reflection of oneself in one’s child. and you are absolutely right when you say that you hate seeing something you yourself dislike.. Happy birthday to your daughter.
    Thank you for the wishes…


  4. Good to hear your daughter is having tastes similar to yours . But beware, as she grow older her tastes may change as I found out with my daughter . Convey our Happy Birthday wishes to her
    Yes, I know that her tastes will change – I just hope it doesn’t change to punk rock! Thank you for the birthday wishes


  5. Children, when they grow up, acquire their own tastes and likes / dislikes…..After all they are different individuals.

    They will one day develop their own individuality and current likes / dislikes might change. You should not worry as long you have ingrained the right values in her. It is a pleasure to see children grow up into fine and noble beings.

    I remember Kahlil Gibran’s piece on children, a beautiful one…

    “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, and thouh they are with you yet they belong not to you………..
    Yes, Mavin – children are not our children in that they are not duplicates of us…They are individuals and have individual tastes; I just want to enjoy her musical taste right now…


  6. belated happy bday to M πŸ™‚ you know, these will be some very fond memories she`ll cherish down the years. I still remember the songs/bands my Dad introduced me to. Sound of silence was one of his fav songs. And one of the last ones he heard, just a couple of hours before he passed away. We had a verse from the song printed on the obituary note.
    Thank you for the wishes…Yes, Sound of Silence is a very memorable song…


  7. How did I manage to miss this post? I don’t know, but I did.

    She is sho shweet. ha ha ha. I can so imagine your pride and joy when she takes up your likings. And somehow I see you with that hidden smirk on your face when she asked for the Easy Livin’ song. Was it there?? Why don’t we get more posts like this one Bones?
    Yes, the smirk was there :-)…I’ll try to write similar posts, GM…


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