A Letter To OG

Dear OG,

When I read your post Last Man Standing!!!, I knew I had to write to you and make you see things differently…Unlike you, I don’t see marriage as the end of freedom and back to accountability and curfews…Instead, I see it as an insurance policy against things I don’t want to do or boring situations I want to get out of…I have some experience in this area as I have been married for nearly nine years…

Why do I see marriage as an insurance policy? Because it lets me get out of sticky or boring situations without losing face or credibility by using my husband as a strategic tool…I can now easily say to a single friend who has no intention of leaving “Hey, I think you’d better leave…It’s getting late and my husband needs to sleep” …If I get an invitation to a lunch/dinner I don’t want to attend, I can say without blinking my eye “Oh Friday, sorry but my husband has already accepted an invitation…Next time, okay?”

Marriage also protects me from doing things I don’t enjoy doing…Like for instance, I hate shopping especially grocery shopping so every second weekend I say, “Honey, I know how much you love shopping – would you mind going to the store for me? I have the list ready, it’ll take only 20 minutes” or “I’m not feeling well, can you cook today?” when I’m in no mood to cook…

Tell me truthfully OG, can you get out of such situations easily? I don’t think so…If you could, you wouldn’t have gone to Ruby Skye…See, now you don’t have an excuse to get out of things or anybody to blame but yourself…In other words, your interests are not protected, mine are because I’m married…

I hope you view marriage a bit differently now…

Take care,



30 thoughts on “A Letter To OG

  1. ROFL Bones!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛

    classic!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 yes, I might not have directly said it on my blog, but what I wanted to say was that, “my age” is definately not the age to married in…………. for guys……………….

    I mean, 24/25/26 is just too young………. for a guy…………….

    but as you rightly said, marriage, if it works out great is the best thing that can happen to a person and I completely agree!!!!!!!!!

    and no, to the question you asked me, I cannot get out of situations that easily……………….. 😛

    rest assured, lemme tell you that I am all for marriage….. and I will eventually get into it, when I think I am ready ……………… but just not now!!!!! and I know that many of my frds were not ready either 😛 😛
    I actually agree with you…24-25 is a bit too young for guys to marry because they are still immature and not ‘settled’…


  2. i am a “hopeless romantic” at heart bones…………. problem is that i am “hopeless” as well!!! 😛
    If you think you are hopeless, you will be hopeless…Go out, ask girls out and enjoy yourself…


  3. ROFL! You are really in the mood for some laughs Bones. Loved this post. And so so relatable may I say? Can I also add, that I have someone to fight with when I just need to let go of some steam, knowing that I will not lose him. I love love love love love this post.
    See, what I mean when I say marriage is the best insurance policy – when you fight with your husband instead of a stranger, you protect yourself from going to prison…


  4. Ha..ha..ha.. I am with you on this, Bones. Blame anything on the spouse. 😀

    BTW how was your daughter’s birthday?
    It was good – the party was on Sunday at home (for a change)…She had a good time…Then on Monday (her birthday) I took some brownies to her school for her to share with her classmates…She had a good time…


    • look at this, and there is no blog post on that? why why and why? I did not even know about the birthday till I saw pics on fb. I demand a post, so I can send proper wishes M’s way!

      @Sol I love that blame anything on him bit. So much fun I tell you.


  5. Read both posts and have to say I identify more with OG’s point cos am experiencing the same right now..
    but u do have ur point here…the sad part is its the men folk who’s suffering here…hehehhee 😀
    yea, I agree men can also find such excuses…but a man will think twice before asking his wife,,,”honey, will u was my car cos am not feeling well today?” 😛
    Ah, but you will be amazed to know how many men ask their wives to wash their car


  6. Yay agree agree agree. It also gives you an opportunity to be the good guy and make the spouse a bad guy in difficult circumstances, when you care about being the good one and the spouse doesnt! Well said!


  7. Age does not matter.
    Those who are not married can only debate,..life changes .
    Yes, life changes…I don’t know why men keep on harping about the loss of freedom – women lose it too if there is such a loss…I have more freedom now than I had before I got married…Everything depends on the spouse and the kind of marriage one has…


  8. There are other benefits of marriage as well: I get a chauffeur, chaperone, bodyguard, massager all rolled into one 😉 Also, sex is free!
    Ah, yes…You are right…I hope you’ve read this, OG!


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