It’s Coming, It’s Coming…

it’s come…and…it’s gone!!! Phew!!! I survived…If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, it’s my daughter M’s 5th. birthday party…It was last Sunday (her birthday was on Monday) and I’m still alive to blog about it…Usually, I start getting heart palpatations and indigestion from June because I have to book the hall, the caterer, the decorater, the tattoo man, the bouncy, the magician and god knows what else…This year the organizing was relatively easy thanks to my husband…No, no, he didn’t organize the party but he did move us to a new country where M is still in the process of making friends…

Since M doesn’t know many people as yet, I grabbed the opportunity to have the party at home…I chose Winnie the Pooh as the theme after checking out the cake designs at the bakery…Thankfully, M likes the little bear and didn’t complain at all…As I don’t have help here, I decided to go the non-eco way – I bought paper plates and cups, plastic spoons, and a disposable table cloth (all with pictures of Winnie and his friends) so that I could make my life easy by just dumping them in the trash after the party…I ordered all the snacks from outside because my husband wasn’t sure about my snack making abilities and also because it would be easier for me…

Finally, the big day and time arrived and M put on her new frilly party dress (she was ecstatic because I let her buy a frilly dress…Till now, I’ve always managed to dissuade her because I don’t like frills and sequins…Yeah, yeah I know, her taste in music is similar to mine but her taste clothes is totally opposite)…Her friends slowly trickled in with their parents and the party began…The kids had fun because there were few people which meant they could run around and dance without banging into other bodies and/or furniture…My husband and I had fun because we could find time to sit down and get to know the parents…By 7 pm, the cake was cut and the food eaten and by 7.30 all the guests were out of the door…Short and sweet…


I’ve come to realize that a small party at home is more relaxing and fun than a big catered affair outside…Why had a joyous annual event become so torturous for me? Was I giving in to my daughter’s demands or was I trying to keep up with the Jones’? I don’t know…All I hope for is that next year M agrees to another intimate party at home – I’m doubtful though…

On Monday (M’s birthday) I took some brownies over to her school for her to share…


19 thoughts on “It’s Coming, It’s Coming…

  1. belated b’day wishes to the little girl πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    and the party seems to have a lot of fun πŸ™‚

    I have the same question as Dhiren bhai??? is the kid in red dress is ‘M’??
    I thank you on her behalf for the wishes…


  2. Yippy! Finally the post. Wishing M a very very very happy, but belated Happy Birthday. Hugs and blessings to M. I guess a home affair might have been a lot more relaxing and fun for you. πŸ™‚ M definitely looks glad at her birthday celebrations.
    Yes, she was excited and happy…


  3. Belated Happy Birthday to M! She sure looks all excited! Frills and sequins πŸ™‚ I hate them too. And I dread the time when daughter starts loving them, as of now, she is happy with pink πŸ™‚

    A small cozy party is so much better! Hope M agrees to it next year πŸ™‚
    Thank you!


  4. Now that is cutie pie M! Thanks for sharing pictures, Bones.

    You know what? In my case I was praying for a daughter because I wanted to deck her up in frills and frocks as I was not into all that while growing up and then Peanut too turned out to be like me. She hated any kind of Indian clothes with sequins and such. She only wore Cotton clothes for a long time. I had a tough time making her understand to wear something pretty on occasions. But now she knows. She likes princess dress (for frill frocks) and other dresses too. Though I have to remove it immediately after the occasion. :))))


  5. Many happy returns to M (belated)! She looks adorable, I love her hair too πŸ™‚

    My daughter loved frills and sequins too, I used to call her Chammak Challo πŸ™‚ I love smaller gatherings too, you actually get to meet everyone!


  6. First time on your site. A belated Happy b’day to M. I like your name – Bones! Is it bcos you are all bones? Or you make no bones about stuff? πŸ˜€

    A house party any day. My daughter is 5 too. I call just her friends. Also, her rule is that – There should be no other pappas and mammas. Works well for me. They have a ball! And I do not have to make polite conversations with anybody. I find that far more tiring than the party. πŸ˜€
    Welcome! Well, my friends call me Bones because of my name and because I’m (or at least I was) all bones…


  7. Belated birthday wishes to Malavika…our’s is coming up on 20th Sep…we’ve booked the same place as last year , i.e. a KFC down the road..they do a good job of organising the whole bash and make it very convenient…Shreeya’s asked for a Dora The Explorer theme so clearly a bit of exploring in that direction is on the cards for us right now πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the wishes…Malvika had a Dora theme last year…All the best!


  8. Belated happy birthday to your daughter. From experience, I find the parties get more intense till they hit the teens and then they want to do their own thing. The groups get smaller as the other parents stop appearing…so it sort of gets easier. Then again, i have boys…
    Thank you…I’m hoping it’ll get easier…


  9. Awww! Happy birthday to your little princess! Hugs and blessing to the beautiful girl! She looks lovely in her dress. Let her have some frills in her life…it’s important, at least I like to think so πŸ™‚

    And I sooooo know what you mean by recovering from the aftermath. My EO’s birthday was on Monday and my legs are still weak!


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