The Pope’s Illogical Logic

Did you know that atheists are to be blamed for the world’s environmental problems? I didn’t until I read this speech by the Pope:

“The earth is a precious gift of the Creator, who has designed its intrinsic order, thus giving us guidelines to which we must hold ourselves as stewards of his creation. From this awareness, the Church considers questions linked to the environment and its safeguarding as profoundly linked with the topic of integral human development….Is it not true that inconsiderate use of creation begins where God is marginalized or also where is existence is denied? If the human creature’s relationship with the Creator weakens, matter is reduced to egoistic possession, man becomes the “final authority,” and the objective of existence is reduced to a feverish race to possess the most possible.

“Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” – Genesis 1 King James Bible

Now I am confused…If the Lord told the first man and woman he created to rule over every living creature on Earth, then how are the atheists responsible for the environmental problems we are facing today? I don’t know about you but I have met many Christians who are not bothered about the environment and similarly have met many atheists who are…

Don’t these accusations of materialism seem somewhat hollow coming from an egotistical man who wears expensive jewellery, lives an isolated life with hundreds of servants and assisstants in a giagantic gold gilded palace and refuses to sanction contraception that would help curb overpopulation and thereby curb environmental degradation?

My reply to the Pope : Why bother about the environment since Judgment Day is upon us anyway? We might as well use up what we can while we can; God will set things right…


22 thoughts on “The Pope’s Illogical Logic

  1. The only purpose of such talk to keep himself in a powerful position. I am sure he cannot possibly be blind to this brilliant illogical logic.
    He’s an example of why I dislike religious leaders and organized religion…It’s all about power and less about spirituality


  2. Because if everybody turns atheist who will provide for the lavish, eco- friendly lifestyle? I also find it difficult to understand that people actually follow his advise on whether or not to use contrceptives. Why not use one’s own mind????


    • Know what IHM? After coming to the middle east have actually come to realise the power of religious brain washing. If from the day of birth a person is brought up under the influence of religion, its dos and don’t s, the concepts of right and wrong best on that, and lives in a community where that is the way of thought, it is close to impossible to not believe in that. Your brain then grows in the way, where the religious dictates and what are right and wrong for you. Imagine going for sermons everyday, maybe even multiple times a day, how long can you escape the effects of that. Think i will do a post on this some day. Not everybody gets to develop their own mind, these people are subjugated from birth to believe their religious preachers.
      I agree with you, GM


  3. I dont like this concept human race as a superior one among all the creatures… every life is worth… I dont how they were blindly believing that…
    and your
    last para is sarcasm at its best… I am ROFL 😆



  4. I love the last line, your response to the Pope’s comments.
    I can look at the statement positively in the sense, that man is losing respect for nature, by considering himself the final authority. But the problem here is, this has got nothing to do with his belief in religion, or being an atheist. This is a general mentality and lack of respect for nature and natural resources. So his reasoning is really poor. 😦

    God power really drives these people nuts.

    Yes, I agree there’s a general lack of respect for one’s surroundings but he could have said it better…He’s just playing the blame game…Atheists are a non-threatening target


    • Exactly. What he said then seems like it was said with an ulterior motive, to make himself more powerful. The Catholic church has really lost its power over the years, and that must really be hurting bad. And something that could have actually been a constructive sermon/statement whatever, now just seems like a sad attempt to attract attention to himself, and subjugate people more.


  5. Wow, the pope seems to have a lot of free time on hand. What a logic. It did not make sense to me. He’s just blabbering. Pay no attention! 😀


  6. Perhaps someone should tell Pope that he should lead by action, not words. There has been nobody in Sabaramati Ashram for a long time. Mahatma Gandhi’s goats will be delighted to have the Holy See live with them.


  7. It is best to ignore such people and their silly statements.They only create confusion and discontent.Just ignore.
    Ignoring such statements are the best thing to do but many don’t…How else do you think terrorists get brainwashed into doing things they otherwise may not have? Religious leaders should be responsible – they shouldn’t use their position to send out the wrong message…
    Anyway, I loved this speech because of its stupidity


  8. People who have given up their life in the service of God are often fanatics. Not all, but quite a few. The way to distinguish a fanatic from a believer is that a fanatic denounces all other belief systems.


  9. Good post.The irony is it was the European invaders with the active support of the Church who were involved in the “feverish race to possess the most possible” all over the World. That race resulted in the extinction of thousands of species and destruction millions of hectares of forest land.

    Will the Pope have the guts to say that the Church also was/is very much involved in destroying ‘God”s earth?


  10. It seems to me that Popes and Presidents get away with spewing more nonsense than ordinary mortals. I guess they seem to be under so much pressure to make statements all the time that they end up with such stupid statements.


  11. Having studied in a Missionary run school and having had to attend church regularly,I must say I found many of their claims unacceptable. Though I did not know to defend myself I was often at the receiving end when many of my friends, including born again christians would find the hindu habit of watering plants considered sacred and worshipping the sun after an early morning bath blasphemous and I was denounced as an unbeliever. Today I realize that these practises actually helped in conserving a whole lot of medicinal plants and starting the day in the early morning sunlight can be refreshingly healthy. I don’t think that the Pope does not know all this. May be it is his position that makes him say such things. He should know better.Unbelievers are not bad people just because they don’t be;ieve in god,but fanatics affiliated to any religion can cause havoc in society.
    Well said


  12. Don’t these accusations of materialism seem somewhat hollow coming from an egotistical man who wears expensive jewellery, lives an isolated life with hundreds of servants and assisstants in a giagantic gold gilded palace and refuses to sanction contraception that would help curb overpopulation and thereby curb environmental degradation?


    Good one!

    Quirky Indian


  13. nd the Pope continues to be silent on the Italian mafia and the drug traders in Mexico who are all Catholics…they continue to kill innocents daily for greed sake…. in fact the Catholic Church had much to do with the growth of the Italian mafia….

    Every church refuses to look inwards and hence such silly remarks…


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