My Child Is A Donor Student: Repeal Helmet Laws!

I was thinking of taking a break from the blogging world when the urge to write a post hit me on my way to the neighbourhood grocery store today, when I saw a bumper sticker that read:

My Child Is A Donor Student: Repeal Helmet Laws!

Since then, I’ve been trying really hard to figure out the meaning of this message but I just can’t…Is the owner of the car happy that his child got an organ because some unfortunate motorcyclist died due to his stupidity and so wants others to die in a similar but legal fashion to keep the supply of donor organs flowing? Or is he happy that his child carries an organ donor’s card, but then why mention helmet laws? Or is he an organ supplier? Or is he trying to be funny by doing a take on parents who put up “My Child Is An Honor Student” bumper stickers?

I did a Google search…Here are some examples of idiocy on sale on the net:

“Only A Liberal Believes You Can Support Our Troops And Illegal Aliens. It’s A Contradiction!”

“Ideology Is Idiotic”

“Owe-Bumbler! Unbelievable Arrogance & Debt. Economic Fascism. Generational Theft!”

“I Hate Bumper Stickers!”

“My Bumper Sticker Is Better Than Your Bumper Sticker”

“Have You Eaten Today? Hug A Farmer”

“A Village In Kenya Is Missing Its Idiot”

“I’m currently Away From My Computer…”

“I Love My Wife”

“Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap”

“Never Meddle In The Affair Of Dragons fFor You Are Crunchy And Good With Ketchup”

“Kinds Of People: Those Who Can Count & Those Who Can’t”

“Can Vegetarians Eat Animal Crackers?”

The sheer arbitrariness, silliness, stupidity and meanness of the human spirit is absolutely fascinating…I end by quoting a very popular bumper sticker “You Can’t Fix Stupid”…


15 thoughts on “My Child Is A Donor Student: Repeal Helmet Laws!

  1. Ah! an appeal to bike riders to wear helmet.

    Is that what it means? The message just zoomed past my ordinary brain…

    As for other stickers, ๐Ÿ˜†

    I have seen some hilarious ones here.

    Americans are really into bumper stickers and decals…Isn’t “My Child Is An Honor Student” annoying? Who cares…I mean, I’m sure the parents are proud but do strangers need to know? The arbitrariness gets to me…Like when you see a sex toys shop between a McDonalds and a souvenir shop (there’s one in Singapore on Orchard Road)…What was the guy thinking when he chose that location?


  2. Do parents really have bumper stickers saying “My child is an Honor Student.”? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Yes, it’s very popular in the US…

    BTW- Why were you thinking of taking a blogging break?

    Because I’ve been spending too much time thinking about what to write


  3. Frankly I hate stuff stuck on my car. To me they are like tattoos. I don’t like tattoos either. People who write the names of their family members on the car,or have that stupid dog (in the name of car art)which looks like it is peeping out thru the window or boot space etc are really pathetic. But some are really funny. But I still would not like them stuck to my car!


  4. โ€œMy Bumper Sticker Is Better Than Your Bumper Sticker

    that sounds like Vimmmuu’s car sticker !!!!! lol.. !

    Have You Eaten Today? Hug A Farmer

    I mean… what is this ?????/ weird.. !!!! ha ha ROFL !!!


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