The Holocaust Is A Myth

anne“Hi! I’m Anne Frank – I’m sure you’ve all heard of me – I wrote ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’…I read in the New York Times today that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called the Holocaust a hoax…Well, he’s right…I’m here today to freely admit that I helped perpetuate the Holocaust myth…It is a lie; the Nazis were actually very nice people especially Adolf Hitler…The entire thing got out of hand…One day my friends and I were just sitting around getting bored when we came up with the bright idea of spreading a lie about how the Nazis were torturing and killing us…Why did we do it? Because we were jealous of their blonde looks and success…”

anne“Anne’s right…We are the friends who helped her spread the lie…”

anne“We also circulated this picture…These are not human skeletons but animal ones taken at a gelatin factory…”

anne“Anne circulated this one…Those babies are not dead – they were just acting dead…”

“President Ahmadinejad, we are sorry and we promise you that we’ll never spread such a malicious lie again – NEVER!”


25 thoughts on “The Holocaust Is A Myth

  1. This is the limit Sraboney. I had posted videos of what the Allied Forces saw when they entered one of the camps… there were posters saying that the Jews were molesters (apart from being responsible for all German problems) …sometimes I wonder what kind of people would deny Holocaust.
    The saddest thing is the feelings of those who allowed it to happen, haven’t changed too completely…
    Feelings are hard to change – they can only be contained
    Hatred seems easier to spread than love.


  2. I do belive in holocaust..But ,to my extent of reading,crusaders had done more harm than nazis…
    Maybe, but Christians got away with it because the crusades ended in the 13th. century when film didn’t exist…There are no survivors and no pictorial evidence…Even so, the Holocaust is one of the worst man-created incidents in history…I hope people have learned from it and such horrors are not repeated…


  3. while in America I got to read a book on the first hand experiences of Holocaust victims narrated either by themselves or their close kith and kin.Makes one feel ashamed of the human race and its so called thinking mind.forget the politicians they are gone cases anyway.There are still many who’d like the world to believe that the nazi experience was a myth or at best a bad dream.Depends on which side of the fence one stands I suppose.


  4. Sraboney, the Holocaust is a shameful part of our world’s history and the Iranian President- well this remark is typical of him. I don’t think even he, himself, believes this!

    Please don’t misunderstand me when I say that the US did not cover itself in glory either by exploding atom bombs over Japan- at a time when the war was as good as won (so I’ve read) just because they wanted to see if they would work as expected. – I agree with you…They had to test the bomb and this was a perfect opportunity…Once the war was over, who would they test it on?


  5. The Iranian President is saying this, if I am not wrong, to “prove” that creation of Israel was nothing but a conspiracy and the holocaust was invented to justify it. He too knows that it was not a lie, but he is perhaps not very far from right in in alleging that the Europeans simply pushed their problem, the Jews, out of Europe, and into Palestine and the Arab world.
    The middle east problem was created by the British to purge Europe of its Jewish population…How can they just create a country on the basis of the Bible? I know that the Jews have always been persecuted but still…

    This is the way the world is, has been and will be. The defeated are always made to appear worse than they ever were, all the crimes committed by the victors are simply ignored and their profile re-worked extensively in “photoshop”. Had Japan and Germany won, Churchill and Roosevelt would have been tried for war crimes and many horrific stories of what the Brits did in India and elsewhere would have come to light, even exaggerated.
    Nobody talks about the Japanese internment in the US…Why weren’t Germans interned? Race…If American born Japanese could spy for Japan, why couldn’t American born Germans do the same for Germany?
    The allies committed similar atrocities on German and Japanese POWs but nobody talks about them because as you aptly said, to the victor go the spoils

    History is, more often than not, the victor’s story.


    • Israel was NOT created by Europeans. Israel was NOT created because of the Holocaust. Ergo both your statements are false. In 1920 (Ratification 1922) the League of Nations by unanimous vote of ALL member states legally allocated 100% of Historical Palestine to the Zionists. They did this based upon Jews being the indigenous people of that land, and because Jews have been continuously on the land for more than 3,200 yeara.

      When the very first Arab appeared IN ARABIA in 853 BCE Jews had been on the land in a sovereign state that was already half a millenia old. When Arabs first arrived on the land in an INVASION in 636 CE Jews already had 2,000 years on the land. “Palestinian” is a nonsensical name co-opted by Arabs in the early-1960s. Until then they capped themselves “Southern Syrians” and sought union with Syria.


  6. Ahmadinajad(Sarah Palin says ‘Uckkkmadinajadddddd’!!) should be hung by chains to the tallest redwood tree they find in the middle of the Amazon. That said, there are several other politicians and general public here in the U.S who actually believe the holocaust never happened. Its truly sad. The best to do(in order to preserve our own sanity) is to possibly ignore. But then again, for how long?


  7. There is widespread and very firm belief in Arab nations, Russia and the whole of Europe that there exists something called

    “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. This is supposed to be a Jewish strategy to engineer many events around the world to control financial and social control and influence the course of events. Of course, this has never been confirmed but the belief is very deep rooted and strong.

    One side wanted to establish Israel as the homeland for Jews and anti-semitic forces actively supported this. Many such issues were important while forging alliances during WW2.

    Whilst no one disputes the Holocaust and the damage it did, there is, very interestingly, a new school of thought that the six million death figure has been vastly exaggerated. Some references to post WW2 findings puts this figure at abt 2.00 million.

    Iran is using some of this selectively to write their own version of history.

    You would be surprised that most of Europe and USA were convinced that the rise of Bolshevism in Russia was due to Jews. Read on “Jewish Bolshevism”.
    Interesting…I will read up on it…

    To refute Holocaust may be taken as inhuman…however, it may be useful to remember that many facts may have been tweaked to achieve some other objectives too. After all nothing is as it appears…the link goes back to some thing else.


      • Vinod Sharma: “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” has been proved to be an Anti Senitic forgery in the courts of at least 27 nations, including Russia. In fact, the person who wrote the post, “Marvin” spread deliberate lies in his post. Claiming 2 million Jews died is disgusting and is known as “Holocaust Revisionism,” a practice of racists who inagine imagine that by introducing doubts on some issues they will eventually be able to push the idea that the Holocaust never happened. In fact the “6 million” figure is a gross UNDER-estimate of Jewish deaths. The actual number may top 8 million. As I write this new mass graves are being unearthed in Eastern Europe, especially in the Ukraine.


  8. On a recent visit to Iran i discovered one of the most civilized societies i’ve ever seen anywhere – and badly caught between both sides of a divide that increasingly isolates it from the rest of the world…sad…
    To deny the holocaust is a travesty…You’d have thought that’ll be one learning for the human race never to repeat …but hmm the human race is the human race and where will and when will hatred ever disappear ? so we had stalin’s mass executions , the americans with their atom bomb and injustice on palestine… sure the list extends on and on and on…:-(
    What were you doing in Iran??? I didn’t know they had advertisements let alone media planning…Bhaskar, the laws against women are far from civilized…I’m sure they are all very nice people but the politicians and mullahs are keeping them uncivilized…
    Hatred will never end…It is a part of human nature…


  9. That shud read : so we had stalin’s mass executions , the americans with their atom bomb and napalm , the khmer rouge’s mass genocide ,the current burmese regime , tianenmen square in china , the taliban’s brutality in afghanistan , and ironically , the israeli injustice on palestine… sure the list can extend on and on and on…:-(


  10. Just to add on a bit more.

    One of the protocols says….

    “Staging catastrophes against one’s own people, then claiming a moral high ground for leverage…”

    These protocols are taught in Arab lands and in Iran. You will now have an background to why the Arabs and Persians scoff at the Holocaust.

    Mr Ahmedinajad’s bold outbursts need to be seen in the light of this background and education they were given.

    We cannot decide what is right and what is wrong. There are many reports declaring the “Protocols” as a forgery. Interestingly, many were journalists and they were Jewish…….and thereby hangs a tale…..

    Very interestingly much of what is alleged to be part of these “Protocols” and presumably written in mid to late 1800s has actually unfolded over the next 100 – 130 years.

    A conspiracy theory, definitely but I am not all that sure now about our recent world history as it is recorded.
    Are you sure Adolf Hitler didn’t write ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’? Just kidding…
    ‘Experts’ say the manuscript is a hoax and is in fact a copy of a French book…Having said that, I do admit that some of the protocols like the one you mentioned – staging catastrophes against one’s own people, then claiming a moral high ground for leverage – are true…Nothing new…Most people are just too naive and think politicians and leaders work for them…I don’t know if the Holocaust falls into this category though…The numbers may have been inflated but even 2 million is a lot…
    Thanks Mavin for the education!


    • Shame on you for your ignorant reply to Marvin. Having discovered for yourself that he pushed a contrived forgery of a book you thank him? Nearly 2 million Jews were murdered in Galicia alone and it is merely a tony corner of Nazi-Occupied Europe.


  11. Bones , there’s a big difference between the state and the people , esp in a an authoritarian regime…pity the latter for being trapped in these circumstances, do not spite them for it … trust me nothing keeps these PEOPLE – PEOPLE not the state – ‘uncivilized’…u have a second hand image fed by your perceptions and fueled by the media , i am talking from first hand experience…also to be very honest ,since you mentioned womens rights , india isnt exactly the gold standard on that score you know ,despite the right laws in place… you may not find the abuse in the strata you or i may move in but look no further than the bai who comes in to work , have a chat with her and you”’ get an insight into women’s rights in india….5 or 10% of a country in a 1 bn pop is a bloody large number but it still isn’t the whole country unfortunately… Very hard to digest but our ground reality is definitely closer to the ME than to Western Europe or the US – Those societies have the right to point fingers at somebody’s women rights records but us ? Well… glass houses ? stones ? – Cheers ! 🙂
    I agree with you on everything, Bhaskar…We are the most uncivilized country in the world…It’s just women’s rights but look how corrupt, uncouth and dirty we are…Gawd!


  12. Both the Iranian President and the Zionists are doing a big disservice to the victims of the holocaust by using the issue for political mileage. May be it is time to say a firm no to violence and join the World march for International Peace and non violence starting on Gandhi Jayanti day this year.


    • Charakan: How are Zionists doing that? Zionism is simply the national liberation movement of the Jews and its realisation in the form of Israel. The Holocaust took place while many Zionists were still alive. Today, out of a population of 6-million Jews in Israel there are 220,000+ Holocaust Survivors in the nation. Donyou really imagine that Israel should not adress the issue? That it should not respond to Iranian denial pf this genocide???


  13. Is this supposed to be a joke? Because it certainly is NOT funny. Children like you should stay in school and learn before posing as a dead person and blabbing to the internet.


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