The Ridiculousness Of Religion

George_Gordon_Byron2-thumb-233x313-17481“God would have made His will known without books, considering how very few could read them when Jesus of Nazareth lived, had it been His pleasure to ratify any peculiar mode of worship. As to your immortality, if people are to live, why die? And our carcases, which are to rise again, are they worth raising? I hope, if mine is, that I shall have a better pair of legs that I have moved on these two-and-twenty years, or I shall be sadly behind in the squeeze into Paradise.”

– Lord Byron in a letter dated Sept. 13, 1811 to his friend Rev. Francis Hodgson [link]

Well said, Lord Byron! If God is loving and full of mercy and grace, why are non-believers and sinners sent to hell – why is there a hell at all? If we are images of Him, why aren’t we all saints? Why are scriptures so important – did God write them himself?

I hope, if mine is [carcass is raised], that I shall have a better head of hair (a la Dimple Kapadia) and a better figure (a la Megan Fox), or a sinner like me shall be sadly behind in the squeeze to get the Lord’s attention in Paradise if I reach it at all…

More of Lord Byron’s Wit and Wisdom:

Adultery : What men call gallantry, and gods adultery, Is much more common where the climate’s sultry. (Don Juan, canto 1, stanza 63)

Anarchy : There is, in fact, no law or government at all [in Italy]; and it is wonderful how well things go on without them.  (Jan., 1821, to Moore)

Aristocrats : For what were all these country patriots born? To hunt, and vote, and raise the price of corn? (The Age of Bronze, stanza 14)

Aristocratic Education : He learned the arts of riding, fencing, gunnery, And how to scale a fortress – or a nunnery. (Don Juan, canto 1, stanza 38)

Critics : A man must serve his time to every trade, Save censure–critics all are ready made. (English Bards and Scotch Reviewers)

The Dead : I have seen a thousand graves opened, and always perceived that whatever was gone, the teeth and hair remained of those who had died with them. Is not this odd? They go the very first things in youth & yet last the longest in the dust. (18 Nov. 1820, to John Murray)

Hate : Now hatred is by far the longest pleasure; Men love in haste, but they detest at leisure. (Don Juan, canto13, stanza 6)



19 thoughts on “The Ridiculousness Of Religion

  1. hee hee ;-)..sorry yaar,Dhiren and team are responsible this…

    and yes,will come back later and read the post again,for its too complicated for my brain to process it..Will have my breakfast and read


  2. Oh well, Byron was one witty person for sure but his God and mine don’t seem like the same person!
    But you must agree that his logic is sound…We are always told to read the scriptures but God didn’t write them, men did…How do we know what is written in them is what God wanted? All religions have this thing about life after death…In Hinduism, according to one’s Karma one is reborn as a dog or an ant or whatever…One is liberated from this cycle of death and rebirth (Moksha) only after realization of God and living according to his rules…It’s similar to the concept of Salvation in Christianity and Nirvana in Buddhism…That means, sinners don’t get Moksha – they continue suffering on Earth until they embrace God…Why? Isn’t God supposed to be benevolent?Aren’t we all (believers and non-believers, sinners and saints) the same in his eyes? Or are some people more loved than others?


    • You sow what you reap. It is ingrained in Nature. Even if God did not exist, you would continue to reap the fruits of your karma.

      Yes, we are told to read the scriptures but we’re also told to go to school. So? There’s something you could gain from it perhaps. The idea of reading the scriptures is not to merely read them but to understand them. If you don’t understand them, you will not benefit by reading them.

      I don’t know about Christianity and Buddhism but if you read the Gita, it does not tell you to do this or that; it only tells you that what may be the consequences of what you do. It is left entirely upto us to interpret it as we want to.

      God did not make up religions. Religions may have made up God!


  3. If God is loving and full of mercy and grace, why are non-believers and sinners sent to hell – why is there a hell at all? This is one question I also have.
    I see it like this – if God is benevolent, then there should be no evil in this world…If he can’t prevent evil, then he’s not omnipotent, if he won’t prevent evil then he is malevolent and if he can but is unwilling to prevent evil then he is not God…


  4. Witty humour, the best kinds there is. I can never observe things well enough to form comments like that, but when I read them I just keep nodding in agreement. Italy is a lot like India is it not???
    Yes, it is…Passionate and chaotic…


  5. You sure have a randy God in mind! Better ‘head’ of hair ( a la Dimple Kapadia) and a better figure (a la Megan Fox). Wow!
    Isn’t God a man? 🙂 What else will help me skip the line to heaven?


  6. I just wanted totell u that I came by. Will come back later to comment. Tired after a hectic journey and wanted to put in my two bits. So I better get back later and put in a good two bits! 😀
    I’m waiting!


  7. I have a different take on this….

    There is no place called heaven other than the place where you stand and no place called hell other than a place called here.

    Heaven and hell are what we make of our life. We can through our attitude and thoughts make a heaven or hell around us. Please note there is no religion or ritual involved here.

    Simply put, we make our life, we make our heaven or hell. There is no punishment and no sin. Everything is relative.

    You have a free will and life turns out exactly the way you make it. Today is just a manifestation of how we lived our life yesterday and today will determine our tomorrow. Observe closely and you see what I mean. Reflect on your school and college days….how some colleagues / friends lived their lives and you will realise that each one made their life.

    Think about it……religion has no role to play in this. Religion as we know today has developed so many layers around it that the original true meaning has all been lost. These layers have been, unfortunately, contributed by people who missed the point totally.

    I like your reply to Vinod’s comment….Is’nt God a man……hahahaha that was a well landed KO punch..

    I agree with you, Mavin…We make our own heaven and hell…I just have objection to how formal religion brainwashes people into doing things a person wouldn’t normally do…Eg. Sati


  8. didn’t understood much of his sayings… but for me there is only one thought.. that is each and every religion were formed to show a path to human being in which they can live peacefully… they preached love…

    but humans are such a lovely souls who fights over that too.. 😛 😛


  9. Nice collection of quotes! Lord Byron was the wittiest of them all.

    As for God and Hell…I’ve always wondered about that. If God loves all His children, why would He want to put them in Hell. But then, if He didn’t have Hell, where would he put the paedophiles and indulgers of female foeticide/infanticide?


  10. Byron is definitely one of the wittiest! Fantastic quotes! I somehow cannot subscribe to a god that dictates or punishes.. I guess, religion for me is not about conforming to everything…


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