A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

When stones and bottles don’t work,

cow udders do! [Link]


Isiah Harris receives an H1N1 influenza vaccine at Rush University Medical Center October 6, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. Rush is one of many hospitals and clinics that have started to distribute the vaccinations against the H1N1 swine flu virus in the United States this week. [Link]

Hell, I’d rather suffer from H1N1 than get vaccinated against it! Couldn’t they find a better delivery method?

The new CDC anti-smoking ad

Tobacco advertising today aims more at stigmatizing smokers than informing them of health effects of smoking…Fine, stigmatize smokers but why is it necessary to pick on one minority group – gays? Will this new tactic work?


23 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

  1. eeeew, for the udder one! and the anti-smoking ad is just in bad taste. anyway, i’m sure there are more straight smokers than gay ones. so who’s buying this bullshit?


  2. Abt vaccine for novel H1N1 flu. I think all those who are pregnant or contemplating pregnancy in the near future should definitly take the vaccine as the reports suggest high rate of mortality in pregnant females. Stigmatizing any group do not help in change. I do not know whether it is correct but I try to instil fear by telling my smoker patients that you are using one of the most powerful cancer producing agent found in earth and if you are not stopping you may be seeing me very often. Many time it works.
    I know the vaccine is important but the delivery method seems – ah – painful!


    • As the saying goes no gain without pain. The photo depicts the least painful way of getting vaccinated , by a nasal spray So do not worry. The vaccine is availabale in USA both as injectable and nasal spray.

      I thought it was an injection through the nose – nasal spray is fine…


      • Looking at the pic I also thought it is an injection in to the nose. As I was not aware of such a thing I did some research on net and found out it was nasal spray vaccine . I never knew such a thing was available. Thank you for this educative post


  3. That smoking campaign was ridiculous. I can’t even understand how they had a talk-show on the topic on national TV. There must be huge protests! And in today’s times, where most people don’t care how a stranger perceives them.


  4. Where do you get all this stuff from?!

    I never knew milk could be shot so far fron a cow’s udder! Has to be an American cow, I guess: bigger, better, every-possible-er!

    It’s an European cow – a protest by dairy farmers in Brussels…


  5. Wow Sraboney! Hadn’t realised till now that dairy implements can so effectively be converted into riot-busters! lets have some more inovations of the iffy kind!


  6. It might make a homophobe think twice before smoking, basically they are saying it’s not macho to smoke. But why create more problems to solve one problem? They have to find better – more honest and straightforward ways.

    I remember a scene in Betaab (Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh) where he squirted milk directly on her face, before that I could never imagine this!!

    I bet the Indian cow’s milk flow was nothing compared to this beefy European cow!!! I wonder how much better an American cow would do in such a situation?


  7. The vaccine – if it is effective – and this is the easiest and least painful way – I guess, I am not complaining..

    The cow protest is hilarious! I read about it somewhere too 🙂

    As for the anti smoking campaign – it is ridiculous! Targeting a minority group like this makes no sense.. I am surprised that nobody protested against it. – exactly my sentiments…Where are all the protesters with their cows?


  8. Sticking it up the nose? Ouch! The very thought of it hurts. I would give it a skip too, and happily at that I think.
    Smoking makes one gay…. shee who came up with the contest, I think its a very insensitive ad.


  9. Milk as a weapon. That’s innovative!

    As for the spray, well, it must be the most effective method. As long as it works.

    Can’t see the video – it says something about being a private video and then refuses to play…..


    Quirky Indian

    I had no idea about the video – thought it was playing…


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