The Rudest People I Know Are…

  • The politicized proletariat on the streets of Kolkata…Their sense of entitlement for just existing never fails to amaze me…An aggressive lack of consideration and respect for others and property has taken hold of the people of this once great city…The roads belong to them – it doesn’t matter if they are inconveniencing others…Women belong to them and exist to be molested…Honest work and gainful employment are for idiots, the intelligent proletariat only demands – maante hobe, cholbe naa! The so-called bhadrolok culture is nothing but a thin veneer concealing a rot that has taken over Bengalis…Who  do I blame for this situation? The CPI(M) government…Defiance of authority, indiscipline, poor work ethic, lack of respect, loathing for private capital etc. are just some of the traits the CPI(M) has encouraged  amongst the people in the last 30 years…Soon, the city and Bengal will be left with only lazy, ‘entitled’, unemployed and uncouth ruffians who blame the Centre and Hindustanis for all their ills
  • The know-it-all arrogant NRIs who can’t stop giving impractical solutions to India’s problems
  • Indian Airlines’ pursers and air-hostesses who make you feel like a criminal just for travelling with them
  • Old Bengali men who make you feel like an idiot just because you are young and don’t agree with their out-dated opinions and values…So what if I didn’t change my name after marriage or wear my loha and sindoor? So what if my husband and I have chosen to spell our daughter’s name in the Punjabi way? How is it any concern of theirs especially the oldies I don’t even know? And yet, they don’t hesitate to offer their opinion and tell me how I’m disrespecting Bengali culture…These people are just rude, plain rude


26 thoughts on “The Rudest People I Know Are…

  1. :((( I am a calcutta lover 😦 even though not a bengali but in love with the culture …feel sad reading this… is this how Calcutta has become?

    I so realize though hat the amount of bandhs and hartaals that go on in the name of ‘demands’ (whether justified or mot) is just too much to handle…

    IA is well…*what a fall from grace* ma talks of those days when they were the best in the business…
    Indian flying would start and stop at the ‘maharajah’ *sigh*

    some NRI’s are a pain in the neck 😀 😀 I know a few personally 😀 and yeah I agree 😀

    Me: I hope I don’t become one of them in my old age

    dont know about old bengali men 🙂 isnt it kind of the same everywhere with different generations? 🙂 or is the degree more there?

    Me: I guess it’s the same everywhere – I’ve only faced rude Bengali men so far…

    btw add to this list the jats(from Harayana and neighbouring areas(yeah I am generalizing I know..but not all of em ) who think Delhi and India infact is their inheritance…

    Me: Ah, I don’t know how I forgot them…3 yrs. in Gurgaon had me pulling out my hair although I still feel the Bengali man on the street is worse…

    the mere baap ki line is the most common one here 😦

    Me: Indyeah, all the people who are left in Cal are the one’s who could not get out or the CPM cadre…The latter have been brainwashed into thinking they are entitled to money and jobs without studying or working…As you said, they are always demanding things…

    My dad used to work for the ‘old’ Air-India – he’s sad to see the state of affairs it is in today esp. after the merger with IA…When he joined in the 60s, it was one of the best airlines in the world and he was proud of it…


    • My dad used to work with AI too, until he retired!! And as a family, we believe AI has provided us our bread and butter all these decades, so despite everything, we still love it! Kya kare!

      Me: What a coincidence! Which department was your dad in? Mine was in Commercial…


  2. Though I am not a Calcutta-walah,I have spent time their for my training at Tiljala.
    It was different then,Park Street etc gave you a very different feel.I am surprised to read what you say about Calcutta now.
    NRIs have a different take ,where they are Calcutta Or Kashmir.They think that they have come from a different planet.

    Me: Calcutta has changed…My dad keeps talking about the old days – seeing the state of affairs now, it’s hard to believe Calcutta was ‘the city’ to live in once upon a time…CPM rule has chased all the ambitious & intelligent people out…You should see how the ordinary people behave here – abs. amazing! They don’t want to work but expect the benefits of a job…And when nothing works, it’s the Centre’s fault, not theirs…Apparently, the Centre gives money to all states except to W.B. …


  3. O h yes I do remember the feeling of grovelling when one needed assistance form the hostesses or stewards!

    I have not been to Kolkata,but would love to some day! 🙂

    Oh and yes…NRI’s…those that have never lived the reality of life in India sound like total jerks and it’s both embarrassing as well as stupefying to watch them mouth inanities about how we don’t do it right, like they have a magic wand they use in their adopted countries to solve all problems that we don’t use! I’m just hoping I never ever do that!

    Me: I hope too that I never do that!


  4. Really? Don’t tell my dad. He’ll take umbrage.

    Me: Your father probably doesn’t want to see things as they are, he wants to remember the people and city as they were…It’s really depressing here – the unpainted houses, the dirt and the filth, the illegal hawkers and esp. the attitude of the common man (woman)…


  5. This is a frustration shared by most of us from several parts of India. And sadly, nobody has a solution. There cannot be a single Gandhi to solve all our problems.

    I am an NRI, but do not try to offer any solutions :(, feel kind of helpless.

    Watched “Wednesday” last week and loved it – a common man trying to take revenge on the terrorists.

    Me: yeah, I’ve seen the movie – found it interesting…


  6. This, I suppose, is the Indian commies’ equivalent of China’s Cultural Revolution. Sad to hear that Bengal which, after the decline of Bihar, was known for its culture and intellectual capital, has been reduced to this pitiable state.

    Me: Yes, Mr.Sharma, it is in a pitiable state & nobody is doing anything about it including didi…Nobody sees the big picture…


  7. ‘The politicized proletariat on the streets of Kolkata’ have not come across them(fortunately), so no comments.
    Not flown Air India ever, so don’t know about them either.

    But the other two, oh my… they are just so so irritating. I hope I never get that apathetic to India, as some NRIs do get. I know there are problems, but i don’t want to be the foolish know-it-all.

    The preservors of native culture… baap re. Name, language, everything matters, and trust me its not just Bengalis. People need to go, get a life!


  8. The oldies are the same, Bones – be it Kolkatta or Chennai. Just ignore them all and get on with ur life.

    I used to get hyper, whenever someone points a finger at me, for not being according to the rule books. But, now I am better off, ignoring their comments. Wisdom at the dawn of New Year – LOL 🙂


  9. The know-it-all arrogant NRIs who can’t stop giving impractical solutions to India’s problems

    Absolutely right!!

    first time on your blog and..well!! i liked it!

    Me: Welcome and please visit again!


  10. Whoa! U are really angry. Though we tell ourselves that they can go fly a kite, ever so often we get thoroughly pissed and write a blog like this. 😀 It is like the straw that broke the camel’s back! But u are 100% right! It is frustrating when we are made to feel guilty of not doing something somebody else’s way.


  11. Never been to Kolkatta or travelled in Flight.. so couldn’t comment on them…

    but the NRIs, I tell you… they are the pain in the neck… mostly, if they don’t speak about our nation I feel better….


  12. Happy new year to you and yours Bones, have a terrific time ahead ! Whoops , did some unfortunate Kolkattan rub you the wrong way ? poor things they don’t know what they have taken on ! 😉 he he he…on a more serious note – an observation that strikes me more and more the older i get – don’t know about rude but some of the nastiest , most (mentally) vicious people i know are vegetarians – spare the poor animal , cut a fellow human down to size – something in that ? Cheers ?


    • Thank you & happy new year to you and your family too!

      Not one person but the whole lot has rubbed me the wrong way – the way they talk, the way they walk – oof! Absolutely no respect…All Jyoti Babu’s doings…

      Yes, I’ve met some very rude & nasty vegetarians too – they make me feel guilty for being a non-vegetarian…


  13. Well, things aren’t all that different in my home state, Kerala either. Wonder what we have in common? Aha! It’s the commies. ” They don’t want to work but expect the benefits of a job…And when nothing works, it’s the Centre’s fault, not theirs” – thats so applicable to Malayalis too. Haven’t flown by IA in a while now. The NRI snobbishness is not so bad now as it used to be a few years back. At least they are bothering to give impractical solutions. A few years ago it would have been “This country will never change” .
    As for nosy opinionated old people, they seem to be a pan-Indian phenomenon. And I am so with you on the vegetarians guilt tripping non-veggies – I’ve seen it often, especially during train travel


  14. The sense of entitlement that some people have beats me too. It just doesnot make sense to me.

    Air India – such a shame, isn’t it? It was the jewel in the crown. Apparently it was one of the most professional airlines at one time – it is sad to see where it has reached. As for rude stewards – to be honest, I have seen as much of rude passengers as stewards. Some passengers who would accept anything from non-Indian stewards, think it is their birthright to harrass Air India ones – so I am not sure if their rudeness is just a reaction .. But either way, Air India itself has touched new lows..

    NRIs – I have met my share of them and now just hope to never become like that. Though I think the older generation of NRIs looked down on people living in India – it is no longer the case in our generation – most of us look forward to going back and are aware that in all probability, the quality of life could be as good, if not better in India.

    As for culture – all we can do is ignore, I guess. People feel entitled to offer their opinions even if we don’t care two hoots 🙂

    Me: Yeah, some passengers are extremely rude…I once met a man who said he treated stewardesses rudely because they were maids after all…WTF??? He only flew with ‘white’ airlines because being served by white maids made him feel like a maharajah..I think Indian travellers are probably the rudest in the world – I should have included them in my list…


  15. As for rudeness, Bones, every second person is a rude fool. Rude because he thinks he knows, and a Fool, because he obviously is!!

    Me: Well said, well said…


  16. Not just Calcutta Bones, some elderly people all over the country are the same. They ask personal questions, they comment on how you dress, they advise you on how many kids you should have and how soon… but it must hurt more when this happens to a place you love! 😦

    And I have never been to Calcutta but I think of the city as a cultured city with heated political discussions over hot cups of tea/coffee… sad what our politicians can do to our cities. We might see some other cities being ruined by some other politicians too very soon…

    Me: Kolkata used to be a cultured city, it still is I guess, but the CPM has ruined it and it’s people…I don’t think there’s a dirtier city in the country…Nobody says anything because everything belongs to the proletariat and as we all know, they can do anything they want to at any time…Otherwise, they’ll call for a bandh and destroy public property and cause the capitalists to lose money…


  17. Being an NRI, the last thing I shall do is fly AI…. they have failed to maintain standards.. and maybe it is because of the entry of the private players..

    as for NRI’s I had the same opinion until I became one! and for NRI’s, in Kerala they are the sympathised lot.. even in the marriage market they fare the lowest…

    and commies… better not say about them.. but then the Congress leaves one no choice either…


  18. Hey you low IQ filthy dumb Indian don’t come to mess with your superior Master Bengali Hindu-be our slave as you are.

    Read this blog-Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle(comment 902)


  19. I agree with this…Kolkata people are really rude.They just don’t know how to behave and they act like they know everything. I’m not saying all of them but a majority of them fit in the description.
    In contrast people of south are so nice, humble. For e.g Chennai, it is also a metropolitan city,but people are very helpful there.You feel good after all and don’t feel disappointed.


  20. @sraboneyghose : One question to you ; does spelling your name in a Punjabi fashion will make you Punjabi . I agree currently there are a lot of drawbacks among Bengalis but that should encourage us to do something for the development of our culture . Punjabi or Hindi is the not the standard spoken language of India which is a multi-lingual country ; if their language have history our language too have great history and culture . A person is not genuine enough if he /she ignores one’s own root culture . Be proud to be a Bengali and if you feel there are loopholes in our culture please put forward your contribution to uplift your culture but atleast don’t insult your culture before others in the pretext of being a Hindiwala chauvinist . Bengali is a great culture and has shed lot of blood for the independence of this country . Also for your kind information Bengali is the second most spoken language in India after Hindi with around 10-12 crores of population in India .

    Joy Maa Durga ! Joy Hind !


  21. Some of the rudest people sit behind the counters of bank branches in West Bengal, especially above the age of 50, better 60 above (having probably reduced their ages on the birth certificates when applied for jobs). I personally have seen common people, especially if they are dressed in shabby clothes, harrassed by these bank personnel just for the sheer pleasure of it. When I tried to intervene they softened their attitude, but never once actually made the banking easier for the poor man. When it comes to old men /women in Bengal in job, they get their highhandedness from the fact that they can spend their lives doing a 12-5 job and getting good money as well as “dada” respect for it, but never actually working in the propoer sense of the term. A little bit of political affiliation makes good for all the laziness! They demand that salary is their right and the services they provide is their kindness to the world! And the man behind a bank counter somehow feels he is giving out the money from his own account and hence making a great deed. Today, such a old Bengali man asked why I did not have my name and ac no on the front page of the PB in a most hidieous way. When I mentioned that one just had to look inside for the details, another old man quickly came to his rescue saying that details on the front page makes things easier. But that could have been said in a sweet way! However, since I did not comply to his rudeness with respect, he flung the passbook at me. I realised this was what my father had told me used to happen in his office. In his days, he would be approached by one and all to solve their problems since on one else helped. I am proud he wasnt a “old bengali man behind a bank counter”. But yes, I dont know the reason, constipation or unsettled family life maybe, but old bangali men are very rude indeed.


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