Oh, Why Aren’t We More Like The British?

The British democracy is diametrically opposite India’s where those in power are not held accountable to the public…Forcing politicians to defend their decisions in public is a sign of a healthy democracy…


17 thoughts on “Oh, Why Aren’t We More Like The British?

  1. Can’t agree more, Bones. We were discussing the same thing. The Gordon Brown govt has set up this inquiry- can we even imagine our govts inquiring into wrong doing of somebody from their own party. Though lots of people feel that Blair has been allowed to get away with – I still felt that this sort of inquiry atleast makes leaders accountable. Atleast the next PMs will think twice before taking a decision like this.


  2. Instead we have enquiry commissions which play like a tele serial over several years.. costing the citizens even more….

    but is such an enquiry in UK the first of it’s kind?

    Me: I’m not quite sure if it’s the first of it’s kind, but even if it is, good for them…And the best thing was that it was televised live…


  3. I don’t think the people seem very hopeful of there being any result. Yes he has been called to task, but the fact remains, he is no longer in power!

    Me: True, but at least he’s been called to task and people can hear his justifications directly…


  4. Totally agree with you. Accountability in public office is very important for a democracy to stay healthy. We may get there, though. The RTI is a wee step in the right direction.


  5. Sure,we can not be.We are different.
    Those in Britain are answerable and accountable to the people.
    Here those in cabinet or party are accountable to the party boss–not the people.
    That is so because we the people are a bunch of silent spectators to all that is being happening in the political theatre by the selfish untrained actors.
    All we need is to amend our laws which must make the VIP brigade also answerable and accountable for any action taken by them.


  6. Transparency is so important! But in India, it is compromised & there lies the root of all problems. One lie to cover one bad deed, a couple of scams to cover one scam..it goes on.
    You brought out a good comparison there.


  7. dont think it will happen…atleast not soon..

    one strong weapon we have in our hands and already they are trying to take it away any which way..RTI is giving them nightmares…


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