Of Weight And Doctors

Rashi sat in her darkened room depressed…She had just been told by the director of the TV serial she was working on to lose weight or he would find a replacement…Acting had always been her dream, her passion and god knows, she had worked hard and dieted hard to get this role…She had tried everything – Aitkins, Longbeach, Southbeach, Anorexia, Bulimia – but size 2 was it…She couldn’t get any thinner no matter what she did…All she could do now was to see a doctor…

So, off she went the next morning…

Rashi: “Hi! I’m a size 2 and would like to be a size 0…Can you help me?”

Dr.: “Sure…There’s this new diet that you could go on…It’s called ‘Coffee & Cigarettes’…Would you like to try it? Oh, wait a minute, didn’t you say you were an actress? Then I guess, your teeth are important to you, so this diet is out…You said you’ve tried all other diets, right?”

Rashi: “Yes, doctor…I was thinking about something more surgical in nature…Do you know of a good procedure?”

Dr.: “Sure…There’s a new thing called ‘The Organ & Bone Reduction” procedure…It basically involves shaving off portions of the skeleton and organs to achieve the desired weight…I think it would work in your case…”

Rashi: “Cool…Do you know of anyone who does it?”

Dr.: “As a matter of fact, I do…I have recently trained in this procedure and could take care of your needs right here in my clinic…Would you like me to book a date for you? But, I must warn you – it is not cheap…”

Rashi: “Money is no object…Is tomorrow too early?”

Dr.: “Well, not if you can deposit Rs.3 lakhs by the end of the day today…”

Rashi: “Thank you doctor, you are a life saver…”

Dr. (smiling): “No worries…Frankly speaking, it’s people like you who made me get into medicine…”

(NB: Inspired by a couple of lines in an episode of ’30 Rock’)


24 thoughts on “Of Weight And Doctors

  1. LOL! Sad, hilarious, and unfortunately true! We are a world obsessed with weight now. You know, even doctors now expect super thing figures. Health is not their concern so much. After my weightloss, I am well into my ‘over-weight’ range, and the way the doctors look at me, I feel like a 200kg elephant. I wish I could just live, and not care, but then seeing those stick insects, makes me crave to be one, knowing well I can never for the life of me achieve it! Nice post.

    Me: Thank you! Doctors these days are so money minded – what happened to altruism? I’ve personally undergone surgery which was not really needed…I was told I wouldn’t have to stay overnight, but guess what? The doctor said I had to and then sent A a huge bill…C-sections are also the norm these days…I don’t know anybody excluding my sis who delivered normally…A large percentage of the doctors are monsters who prey on gullible and trusting patients


  2. Good post.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this were a true story…and dont think that the girl is necessarily wrong in her actions. !
    because we don’t know her cause of desperation. I don’t blame the Doc. either because we also dont know his desperation.

    In society, if we are to bring about a change,then there needs to be a mass movement . What are the odds that a mass movement happens to change the perception size 0 is uncool ? unlikely…the only hope is – it will pass away as all fads do over time.

    one solution could be – Start from the root – authorities need to create more awareness at the school levels, when a boy or girl first realizes his or her sense of beauty…if sex education can be a subject…then why not self esteem and staying healthy ? maybe then when they grow up ,these people might develop some resolve before going in for such procedures.


  3. Why are ppl so freakingly addicted to this Diet / Weight loss / Size 0 ???? 🙄

    Isn’t living healthy an option for them ????

    Even after reading abt those anorexic models falling on the ramp, while walking, why cant ppl come to their senses ????

    Is there something called as Healthy Size ????

    This actor is willing to shave off her body parts and skeleton to achieve size 0 ??? Disgusting !!!

    ROFL @ Coffee & Cigarettes !!!


  4. Two ills of the age we live in tackled in one hard-hitting post! 🙂

    “No worries…Frankly speaking, it’s people like you who made me get into medicine…”

    And a great line to end with…


    Quirky Indian


  5. Good one. Another pick, I predict. By the way, my kids also came into this world the natural way. So yaaaay to that. You’re right about the weight-loss obsession. Some people are taking it a little too far.

    Me: Look at Kareena Kapoor – she’s a size 0 (whatever that is) and looks positively anemic…I wonder if men like really thin women…


  6. Interesting topic! I have come across a few cases such as this so I even know how believable it actually is!!! Why oh why can’t people exercise & eat right.. 3 lakhs for some tucks and trims. Ouch.

    Me: I have absolutely no idea how much tucks & trims cost, but I know doctors charge a lot…


  7. I hate size zero.. (well maybe thats why/because i stay so far away from it). I think it makes people look sick. Really! A pity that we try to change all that God has blessed us with. Isn’t being healthy/happy enough anymore? Sigh!


  8. 🙂 Bravo..To the point Bones..

    It is bad bad sad that even in this age of widespread knowledge and awareness of informations,people opt for short-term goals, not taking into consideration,their long-term effects..

    But i have no pity for them,for they are doing this consciously.


  9. The last line gave me goose bumps. I think one of the gifts we can give to our children is a love for their lives and bodies. Not undernourished, scrawny bodies but healthy, active, energetic bodies.
    I noticed ‘Ladies Special’ on Sony has good looking women in all sizes.


  10. It is so sad. The last line, sadly is the bitter truth. The craze to change one’s looks to fit in, is just too depressing. Makes one wonder, where this is all going to end up. Just the other day, I read that ever since Kareena Kapoor had her cosmetic surgery, apparently the number of girls opting for that surgery has increased.

    And the surgeons stand to make all the money riding on the insecurities of people like this..


  11. Good one, Bones.

    I don’t think there are any size 0s in India. Even though Kareena is often branded with that size she is far from it. She looks healthy to me barring Tashan. The size 0 are the ones seen on the ramp esp. in Milan. Oh! the skeletons scare you. You can count their ribs and bones. 😐

    Obesity and Anorexia are equally bad. Both lead to bad health and many other difficulties. I often see plus size women in US hating on slim structure while they gorge on unhealthy burgers. The mall culture is bad in US. The cheapest and unhealthy food is available in the Malls and you can see people just gorging on it and then cry about being overweight. On the other hand, teens become too cautious about their weight and adopt putting finger in the mouth to puke out food and become sickly. Both conditions are dangerous.

    Unhealthy lifestyle is bad period.


  12. BTW did you read about the controversy surrounding Michelle Obama’s statement about her two girls leaning towards obesity while launching initiative against child obesity?


    Me: I read the article…I don’t see what the problem is…She was just pointing out how parents often lose sight of their children’s weight problem because in their eyes, they are perfect…I think she was just being honest…


  13. Good post, Bones. I shudder to think that this might actually be true!
    On a related note, dont you think it is the parents who are responsible to a very large extent, for this mind set that children(who grow up to be like the one you pictured) develop over the years? A feeling of shame. A fear of rejection just because one is over weight? And the killer urge to do whatever it takes to ‘look’ slim.

    Me: Yes, if parents don’t give good guidance, children go haywire…They should help build self esteem but unfortunatelt peer pressure is too high…


  14. Great post! It’s weird how the concept of beauty has changed over time. My mom was telling me that when she was younger girls who were skinny were asked to , er, well ‘stuff’ appropriate areas to look buxom. Now people want to shave off whatever they have!


  15. Good post. I practice in an area where even now girls [in and around Marriage age] come to me for medicines to GAIN WEIGHT.I think the same is true in most of India except for the urban elite of Metros or those in the show business. Women in their 30s and 40s here are not that much bothered about their body weight, though most of them are over-weight or obese.
    Over weight and obesity is bringing an epidemic of Diabetes to our Country and a BMI of below 23 should be the aim to prevent it. Osteoarthritis of the knee is also very common in obese Women we can expect a huge increase in knee replacement surgeries in India in the coming years.
    The last sentence made me laugh. Yes, the medical colleges, especially the self-financing types are nowadays churning out businessmen-doctors who will go to any extend to increase their earnings. The five-star hospitals are set up just for making maximum profits.
    But still a large majority of doctors try to practice in an ethical way.


  16. Loved it… I am new to your blog but I think after reading this – I am gonna be making some trips quite often…. BTW I saw that episode from 30 rock… it was hillarious….


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