India, The Free-est Country In The World

Yesterday, whilst watching a show on BBC Knowledge about Russia, I had an epiphany…I realized that the western concept of freedom is not really freedom, the third-world concept of it is…Why do I say this? Because in one of the segments, the presenter asked some chic young people in St.Petersburg about what democracy and freedom meant to them after years of communist rule…In unison, they all said they hated the term democracy because it did not really mean freedom…They gave the example of Germany which despite being a democratic and free country, controlled its citizens like robots through numerous rules and laws…To them, a country is really free like Russia when its citizens have the freedom to flout rules and laws imposed on them…If they are caught, they have the freedom to bribe the relevant authorities and get out of the jam…If this is what true freedom is, then India is the free-est country of them all…What say you?


Ingenious Reason For Opposing The Women’s Reservation Bill

Mulayam Singh Yadav is a genius…Don’t laugh, he is…His brain power is so developed that he leaves normal mortals stumped by his utterances…Take a look at this quote from HT:

“What can I say about the kind of women who will enter Parliament,” Yadav said. “The wives and daughters of officers and businessmen, who invite whistles from boys.”

Now please tell me truthfully…Could you have come up with something like this? I know I couldn’t have…

Viagra Spill Revives BJP

NEW DELHI – A tanker containing 1,000 metric tons of Viagra struck a road divider and overturned near the mausoleum-like BJP central office at 11, Ashok Road yesterday. As a result, the once blooming but now frigid lotus no longer dangles only in Gujarat –  it now spans majestically across the entire country.

According to eyewitnesses, roughly 30 minutes after the tanker’s contents dissolved, the lotus slowly but firmly began to bloom and push towards parliament. Eventually, its swollen petals managed to poke aside the Congress, which political experts in air-conditioned studios said will lose its status as the ruling party for the next four to six hours.

“For the last few years, that lotus just sat there, all shriveled and lame,” said Raj Jain, a resident of Ashok Road. “Frankly, I never thought about it anymore. It was a has-been. But now, things have changed. Our neighbourhood is once again vibrant and beautiful.”

At 10 Janpath, Madam Sonia Gandhi worriedly asked an aide, “Is the lotus a threat, or is it just excited to see me suffer? I don’t want to take any chances. Ban the import and manufacture of Viagra.”

Please Tell Me I’m Not Paranoid

There’s this lady in my condo who is making me a wee bit uncomfortable these days…She’s a conservative Pakistani who is not allowed to talk to men except to her three sons…Anyway, she’s a friendly soul, in fact so friendly that she likes putting her hands and arms around or on me while talking…The other day, a few of us were sitting on the park bench and talking…At first, we had to sit quite close to each other as we all wanted to fit in on the bench, but soon there were only three of us left and foolish me thought the two next to me would shift away…The one on my left did but this Pakistani lady didn’t…She even had her hand on my thigh (I was wearing shorts) and refused to move it even though I was squirming and giving her uncomfortable looks…Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer and asked her to move a bit…She got offended and left in a huff…

Yesterday, I was standing and chatting with my friends when she joined our group…She put her arm around my waist and stood like that for eons until I moved away…Again, she gave me a look of displeasure and walked away…

I know she’s trying to be friendly but this touching business is quite weird…I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that she can only associate with women…Indian men do it too even here in Singapore…They hold hands and walk etc. …I hate being touched by anyone except my husband – am I crazy?

To Give A Ring Or Not Give A Ring

In the past few days, there’s been a lot of web chatter about women’s equality and what it means…A few minutes ago, I was reading the Dear Prudence column on Slate…One of the questions piqued my interest…Here it is:

I am very much in love with my girlfriend of four years and want to spend my life with her. There is one thing preventing me from popping the question: the diamond ring. My girlfriend is not overly superficial but has made it clear that she needs a “moderately good-sized ring.” I am young, in graduate school, and have no money. I would have to take out a loan to buy her what she desires. In the long term, money won’t be the issue, so my objections to buying an engagement ring are mostly philosophical: 1) Buying a diamond ring seems like buying a woman. 2) If we are equal partners, what is she buying me? 3) Diamonds fuel conflict around the world. 4) They are expensive yet inherently worthless. I have told her how I feel, and she sees my point but has indicated a ring is necessary. I can’t imagine proposing to her without one. Should I wait to propose and in the meantime try to change her mind, just buy her a stupid ring already, or take this impasse as an indicator of future conflict and move on with my life? (I don’t know if I could do the last one.)

I understand the guy’s problem…I think it’s idiotic to get into debt to buy a piece of jewellery…A ring doesn’t signify commitment, actions do…We sometimes focus too much on the symbols of marriage and the ceremony, instead of the marriage itself…I also can’t understand women who demand free diamond rings…If they want one, they should get it with their own money…But this post is not about this…It is about the second question: “If we are equal partners, what is she buying me?” I think it’s a good question…If women want equality, they too should buy their fiancés something equally expensive…After all equal=equality…How can people expect to be treated equally when it suits them and then flutter they eye lashes when it doesn’t?

What do you guys think?


“Engagement rings took off in the U.S. when the courts refused to hear “breach of promise” lawsuits. These suits were brought by women who had slept with their fiancés and then been abandoned. These women were then less attractive marriage prospects for anyone else.

Naturally, such lawsuits were sensational fun for the newspapers, and eventually the courts put a stop to the whole thing. The problem then became: how could a young affianced couple have sex with each other when she had no recourse to the law if he changed his mind? Both of them might well want to, but for the lady the risks were pretty high. And so the institution of the engagement ring came about. Such rings are non-returnable, meaning that if the man breaks off the engagement he doesn’t get the ring back. The system discourages him from running off and provides automatic compensation if he does. Very clever.” [Link]

Of Designer Names And All

Yesterday, my parents and I went shopping…As you may or may not know, I hate this activity with all my heart, but being the good daughter that I am, I tagged along with them (what if my mother got lost in her shopping haze?)…We went to this high-end mall which had only designer boutiques…

Dad: “You know, I have a theory…You can’t be a world class designer if you don’t have an exotic name…Look at all the stores around you…Do you see even one with John Smith or Chandu Patel written on the sign board?

I looked around…Sure enough all I could see were stores, sorry boutiques, with names like Karl Lagerfeld, Ermenegildo Zegna (can anyone pronounce it?), Zara, Chanel, Luis Vuitton, Georgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent (I thought this brand was dead), Valentino, Gucci, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana on them…Then I spotted Ralph Lauren…

Me: “Look, there’s Ralph Lauren, my favourite designer…He has a pretty normal name and he’s one of the best…”

Dad: “But his designs are classical in nature, not adventurous and that’s why people like you like his stuff…So, a non-exotic name works for him…But even the name Ralph Lauren has a high class tinge to it…I feel if a designer wants to make a name for himself or herself today, he or she needs to have an exotic non-Anglo Saxon name…Let’s see who has a chance of making it using this criteria…Aha! Sabyasachi Mukherjee…He has a chance…”

Me: “You are just saying that because your name is Sabyasachi…But yes, you are right…He has a ‘different’ name…”

So, tell me what you guys think? Does my dad’s theory have some merit?

P.S. I forgot to include my dad’s favourite designer name: Salvatore Ferragamo…