Ingenious Reason For Opposing The Women’s Reservation Bill

Mulayam Singh Yadav is a genius…Don’t laugh, he is…His brain power is so developed that he leaves normal mortals stumped by his utterances…Take a look at this quote from HT:

“What can I say about the kind of women who will enter Parliament,” Yadav said. “The wives and daughters of officers and businessmen, who invite whistles from boys.”

Now please tell me truthfully…Could you have come up with something like this? I know I couldn’t have…


20 thoughts on “Ingenious Reason For Opposing The Women’s Reservation Bill

  1. No I couldn’t come up with something better than this Sraboney. But I doubt if this will be appreciated by women who are not ‘wives and daughters of officers and businessmen’ – and who still have to brave whistles everyday 😦


  2. You know, I support the women’s reservation bill.

    Not because I feel that women need to get a push up via the law, but because people like Mulayam Singh Yadav strenuously oppose it! IMHO, if any law is opposed by such people on grounds like this, then it MUST be good!

    My gut feeling is that while initially women might be puppets of the men, sooner or later there will be some who will realize their power and become quite active indeed. I only wish that when the time is right, the government will have the gumption to withdraw this quota…otherwise we’ll have another reservation system on our hands that has outlived its usefulness.


  3. Better that what we we have now – men who will whistle at any woman.
    Reservation can only ensure that women are given the seats to contest – and then it is the people who decide who they want in the parliament. At least now we have hopes of finding someone better than his ilk.


  4. These remarks were not meant for the English speaking lot; they were for his dehati boys who would have loved it and whistled in advance! Poor guy is desperately looking for votes, not high brow appreciation!

    Me: That’s the sad thing…Our politicians are so desperate for votes that they don’t mind uttering offensive things…What has Indian politics come to 😦


  5. I too feel he is genius.But all I want ask him is as to why did he make his daughter -in law fight election from Firozabad.
    The problem is with us.We bring in such jokers and the also suffer them


  6. Firstly, he wanted to eliminate competition for his daughter-in-law.

    Secondly, as someone pointed out before, I too saw in the video how his audience was listening with sincerity. Some even laughed & saw sense in what he said. I won’t be surprised, if many women from where he is to contest elections would be in agreement with him. Bottomline: Urban-rural sensibilities are very different. We ridicule such ideas, but they find resonance with the rural junta.

    For instance, it was heart-wrenching to hear grand father of a girl killed by other villagers as part of honor killing from Haryana say, “those people did right in killing her. The girl & boy should not have married in the same gotra.” The grandfather himself said that not with pride, but he himself was crying. Somehow, blind following of traditions is behind all these evils. It makes monsters out of sensitive & sensible people.

    And I do not know how people can be made confident enough to think for themselves. 😦

    Probably, education is the way to start; but people will not send their children to school in times of strife, if rate of farmer suicides is any indication. So this all is a vicious circle. Genuine gender equality will not come without education, which in turn won’t come without basal level financial security, which in turn will not come without reduction in population density, & to lower it we need women empowerment & education!

    On the up side, at least those women who become MPs & MLAs would be immune to whistling, except for by a more powerful politician. 😉

    And not sure, in main stream media, the term ‘whistle blower’ will be with positive connotations or negative! 😀


  7. Yes very ingenious indeed. In a very short statement he stated all his patriarchial contempt for women.

    1.Only some kind of ‘bad women’ can enter Parliament via reservation
    2.Women do not have an identity other than some one’s wife or daughter
    3.They will be dressed ‘outrageously’ so that innocent boys will be forced to whistle.


  8. Oh yeah the women ‘invite’ whistles!!!! What a lovely word that conveys the same old sentiment about women (whoever they maybe and all the more so when they are dils and wives of officers and businessmen) : They ‘INVITE’ whistles!!!!


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