Should internet commentators use their real names?

Do people hide behind pseudonyms in order to abuse or does it give them more freedom to express their thoughts?


23 thoughts on “Debate

  1. Nice question, Sraboney!

    I think that unless you believe in what you write, perhaps you shouldn’t comment at all!? And if you believe in what you write in a comment why be scared to write your name? Of course, that’s just my personal opinion- not everyone will agree.

    As for being abusive- I don’t believe in it. There are many ways to frankly state your opinion without being abusive or verbally attacking another person online.

    Am I first? 🙂

    Me: Yes, you are the first!


  2. People shouldn’t abuse at all. A debate should be exchange of thoughts.

    Once you get to know a person through blog or any other medium, it doesn’t matter if that person uses pseudonym or real name. Everyone knows my real name still prefer to call me by my pseudonym but my thoughts are still mine.

    There are some who use ‘real names’ (don’t know if it’s their name though) and post offensive comments sometimes which of course I delete.

    Me: I agree with you…People shouldn’t abuse at all…Disagree, yes, but not abuse…


  3. It is really important to have a content which will bring in comments.
    But, personally, I would be more comfortable if I read a real name as a commentator rather than a presumed one which becomes very obvious.
    Then there is a way to block those–if one decides to do so.


  4. I think it works both ways. Some hide to abuse, others to say what they want to unfettered by their identities and stations in life.

    In a totally free medium we have to live all kinds, including the abusers who mostly need to be ignored.

    What is important is what people are saying, not who they are.


  5. Obviously it needs to be left to the individual. Posting under an anonymous name is an excellent way to state a controversial or dissenting opinion without being tracked.

    If I was in China for example, I sure as hell wouldn’t use my real name online and will do my best to cover up my tracks. I can imagine there are people in India who don’t want to be socially ostracized for opinions they know are not the norm, and so they use pseudonyms.

    I’d love a society where people didn’t have to hide their names. But we live in an imperfect world and pseudonyms are a reflection of that.

    Me: Did you know that in China, the govt. uses anonymous internet commentators to mould public opinion?


  6. Oh my, such a good question, a million reasons for either of the choices.

    And if it is being done for abuse, that is just simply pathetic. Abuse, violence or aggression, is just unacceptable, at any point in time, no matter with a name or without. Its sad when, we we as thinking adults cannot accept argue/debate without getting abusive. Really sad.
    Personally, I feel more comfortable expressing my views more honestly under a pseudonym, I feel it gives me greater freedom to express.


  7. are you asking me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess its a matter of choice whether to use the real name or not… but if its being used for abuse then I guess we just found out a loser… !!!! other than not.. I firmly believe it is absolutely a matter of personal choice.. !


  8. Some anonymous users are responsible. Yes, anonymity gives a sense of security. I’ve seen anonymous users being able to ask much sharper questions to people being pretentious.

    I’ve never used anonymity myself, though. Because I don’t think true anonymity on the net exists. Risk is not merely from the government, but also from other vested interests like political parties, corporations, religious groups, etc. Because those who want to settle scores are not bothered about merit of arguments or criticisms.

    Using my real name helps me set firm & realistic limits to what I can type & get published under my name.

    Also, I don’t know if creating an alter ego is accompanied by constant stress of not giving away one’s real identity by mistake, for instance, because of sharing the same computer to check personal mail or forgetting to log out.

    But as a blogger I do not mind anonymous comments. Problem is when I like an anonymous comment very much, & can’t trace it back to its author, as I would want to read more of the author’s ideas on their blog!!


  9. And I feel better connected to people if I know their real names, age, gender, appearance, interests, educational qualification, hobbies, religious disposition, favorite novel, movies, etc.!!


  10. A mommy-blogger had mentioned how her child was recognised by some shoppers in a market, it made her uncomfortable. I feel being anonymous frees you from such worries.
    In case of blogs we read regularly, we know the anonymous ones as well as we know the others… guess the only thing one doesn’t know sometimes in the name 😆

    Being abusive serves no purpose, even if we feel strongly about something, why waste time over a comment that might get deleted?


  11. I think , for someone like me who is known now by both ids, having a pseudonym, was a sign of a “tentativeness” , when I first ventured into blogging. It was a kind of fun thing, and I had no thought of any comments and commenting. I dont think it is any kind of big deal, as to which name you blog under. Unless posterity issues exist.

    It may be a big deal to someone who gets their kicks out of making abusive and outrageous comments.

    It doesnt bother me what people call themselves. Their persona gets clearer and clearer as they communicate with me. Its OK. Its even fun….


  12. I think if you’re not comfortable using your ‘real name’, using a particular pseudonym consistently is alright. It’s difficult for a blogger/writer to respond to many different anonymouses. Of course there may be situations that necessitate anonymity, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to insult others.


  13. Abuse, from people with pseudonyms or real names, is just not acceptable.

    As for bloggers using pseudonyms, I think it has just to do with their comfort levels. It might make things easier for some. Using a pseudonym, might be the only way to express their views, for some people. .. To me, it makes no real difference. When I read somebody, whether they write under their ‘real’ name or a pseudonym is the last thing one my mind..


  14. I think it’s so similar with writers who prefer pseudonyms… Nothing wrong in it…
    Mine is a very long name… So instead of somebody shortening it, i shortened it by myself 🙂 🙂


  15. Using your own name or some other depends on how comfortable you are, finally , in having your name seen. To me, it seems perfectly ok to have pseudonym to write with, so long as you are courteous, and not abusive.
    Perhaps, for some people, it gives them more leeway to share things that would otherwise not be able to, using their own names.

    And finally, as Solilo and IHM have said, even those who say they use names, how do we know for real, in this virtual world, isn’t it? 🙂

    By the way, this is such a good question! 🙂


  16. I prefer using my name and have used it from the beginning.

    And I dont mind ppl using pseudo-names, if it will bring out a positive response from them.

    When ppl try to abuse in blogs, thats when it really hurts – then if its a real name or a psedo name, it doesnt matter, the comment is deleted.


  17. I started blogging abt my professional life experiences and naturally wanted to hide behind a pseudonym to protect my patients.Later I continued that as I started blogging more and more abt political and socio economic topics.Being a locally well known person and someone who meets and treats several ppl of different socio religious strata and political belief every day I feel more comfortable in hiding myself under a pseudonym. But I was never very good at covering my tracks and I am sure it is easy to track me down. I agree with Vinod Sharma here fully.


  18. Using a pseudonym and abusing is plain cowardice!!
    I personally don’t use my name as it is uncommon & I don’t like to draw attention to myself (ppl googling for me for example). But I admire people who use their own full name. It does make a statement.


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