Psychologists’ Insights Into Why The Rate Of Men’s Urination…

…in public lavatories is affected by invasions of personal space…


Psychologists Middlemist, Knowles & Matter (1976) designed a study to test the hypothesis that personal space invasions produce arousal…How did they do it? By sending a poor bloke to a public lavatory to record by sound (???) the rate at which men piss…Still don’t believe me? Take a look at an excerpt of their study [Link]…

What did the study reveal? That men preferred not to stand next to each other while urinating, and the closer men got to each other, the longer it took for them to begin the process and the shorter the persistence of their stream…

Raise your hands if you are dumbfounded by this piece of information…

I think it’s time to shrink the number of shrinks in society…Greed makes them invent theories to mess with our heads and pockets, and so we are better off without them…Actually, given the kind of field studies they do, I think they are stark raving mad themselves…Take a look at the father of psychoanalysis, neurotic and cocaine user Sigmund Freud’s theory that all men are motivated in all things by a secret desire to boink their mothers…Me thinks he conducted this study to justify his own perversion just like Middlemist, Knowles & Matter…

Now, I’m no shrink but given the theories and studies that are in existence today, dare I suggest that many men who find it difficult to urinate when there are other men around do so because they feel guilty about wanting to have sex with their mothers?

Just asking…


14 thoughts on “Psychologists’ Insights Into Why The Rate Of Men’s Urination…

  1. Mind is where the matter is.The thing is it is independent of men or women.It is a function of class.

    As a child trains fascinated me…but even more so the set of people sitting on the fields, typically just beside the tracks, or before a platform, and happily talking and defecating simultaneously, non chalantly, one even waved at me on seeing my bewildered face.

    So the inference is – the higher you go up in the society, the more uncomfortable you are excreting with someone close by.!


  2. Good theory Bones. maybe you should conduct a study on it. A lot of psychology is what we see in daily life, and know by observation, but don’t have terms and names for it…….


  3. are n’t you encouraging it by giving unneeded publicity to some trivial studies ? Freud theories are still considered important

    Me: I came across this and other weird studies and found them amusing, hence the post…It is my attempt at humour, nothing else…Please don’t take it so seriously…Everybody needs a laugh or at least a smile every now and then…


  4. But the basic premise of the study would have been spectacularly disproved in India! Indian men obviously do not suffer shy bladders. If they did, they wouldn’t be able to so casually take a leak along every wall, in any patch of vacant land or tree stump/bush while traffic whizzed past or pedestrians walked by literally just a few inches away from their behinds.


  5. There is a lot of , what one considers, facetious research going on. And published. What can you say about June 2007 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, which did an article where it says : “The latest research says that , “Most people want doctors to shake their hand and be greeted by first name when they first meet but the expectation is not always met”.

    Read Here

    Is this a topic for serious research ? And about that which you posted, is the need to research urinating habits in men a topic of earth shattering importance ? Are these psychologists for real, or are they making a mockery of the “publish or perish” requirement in academia ?


    Me: This is a serious piece of research and is there on the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health website…In fact, because of the way it was conducted, this study is often referred to in ethical discussions…

    Many other bizarre studies have been conducted…One is to test the hypothesis ‘Does Semen Have Antidepressant Properties’ (Gallup, Burch and Platek (2002))…Result: No Condom = Less Depression []…

    On April 16, 2010, Elizabeth Loughren from the University of Birmingham, UK presented a paper at the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference on what motivates people to run marathons…Findings: Men were more likely to give personal goal achievement and competition as reasons for running a marathon and women were more likely to run for reasons around psychological coping or weight concern…


  6. takes all kinds folks , give the shrinks some space too ! good post Bones – certainly nothing to get pissed off about ! 🙂 PS – there’s something in that theory btw as a few blokes might tell u (or not)…Cheers


  7. I agree with you about Sigmund Freud too. It’s interesting to see us justify all kinds of things because somebody some where declared that’s how it should be. There’s a research and theory to prove everything. Remember the one about men who have extra marital relationships make better husbands ? (I guess the only problem is their wives don’t realise this).

    Me: What? I don’t remember that…WOW!


  8. I think the kind of study you quoted is perfectly alright if a country has sufficient funds (have not read the PDF file, yet).

    In fact, closely related field of ergonomics is purely dedicated to fit the work environment to the workers. It entails research on such topics as what should be the length & height of individual stairs for least strain or the height of railings accompanying them for maximum comfort & safety, lighting conditions, etc.

    If conducting such studies help decide what should be the depth & height of partitions & distance between the lavatories, so as to minimize cost & time it takes to take a piss, why not? 😉 It’s all about perspectives. Since India is a very poor country, we find such studies frivolous. But other developed countries, where standardization is valued, architects would be grateful to have some objective data to work with, rather than using arbitrary values.

    As regards Freud, I consider him one of the most intelligent & observant persons to have lived (not that everyone needs to agree with that).

    His theories on psychosexual development, when viewed out of context of the five stages he’d proposed (oral, anal, phallic, latent & genital) would indeed seem weird.

    I’m not updated on this, but probably many of his theories have got modified, but it must be remembered he had begun his studies more than a century ago, without aid of neuroimaging techniques. To give a fitting analogy, probably what Walt Disney is to animated movies, Freud is to empirical psychology or what Charles Darwin is to natural selection. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t make fun of him! 😀

    Uncyclopedia has also done a pretty (in)decent job here. Enjoy! 🙂

    Me: Freud was a path breaker because he talked about sex…This post was all in jest…

    As for ergonomics, I think it’s a good field and research should be encouraged…


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