Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

Girls are really the cursed sex…If they don’t get an education, they struggle through life and if they do and outperform boys, their diligence is penalized…

A well known college in Bangalore (MES Pre-University College of Arts, Commerce and Science) is penalizing girls for outstripping boys in the marks race in Class X board exams…

This is what Purushotham, a senior assistant in the college had to say – “We’d like to have an equal number of boys and girls in a class…As girls score higher, we have to bring down the cut-off percentage for boys.”

Mr. Purushotham, your reasoning sounds hollow to me…I don’t remember having ever read any news item in which you have said that your college was penalizing boys for doing better than girls in order to keep the boys to girls ratio equal…Why has this ratio suddenly become important? I wonder if you would have come up with this if your daughter was being penalized…Chee! Chee!

MES is not alone…National PU College has been segregating cut-offs based on gender for four years…

And here I thought I was living in the 21st. century…It seems to me that the more things change, the more moronic attitudes become…


A Bizarre Interview:

Two-time Congress MP, Mr. Naveen Jindal, took on a TOI journalist regarding same-gotra marriages…

Naveen Jindal: “Would you yourself marry within the same gotra?”

Journalist: “Yes”

Naveen Jindal: “Will your parents also not have any problem?”

Journalist: “No”

Naveen Jindal: “Let me speak to your mom and ask her”

Journalist: “Do you really want to speak to her?”

Naveen Jindal: “You call her now and let me hear what she has to say.”

She called her mother and asked if she would have a problem if she wanted to marry a boy of the same gotra…Jindal asked for the speakerphone to be switched on and heard the parent reply “No”…He then took the mobile and spoke to the journalist’s mother to check for himself…When she took Jindal to task for promoting regressive casteist views, he tried to defend himself: “No, I am not encouraging anything (bad).” [Link]

This proves that politicians, no matter how educated and ‘modern’ they are, develop moronic attitudes come election time…Or maybe, they are just morons…



18 thoughts on “Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

  1. Now why wasnt there such a rule while I was trying to get into MBA !!!!

    I have always had girls topping my class !!!! 😛 😛 not that I had any chance even if they didnt 😛

    Me: Ah, Dhiren, but you at least got to have fun in the canteen!


  2. MES should be penalised for such idiotic stand.But, I am of the view that it will take some more time for the men/boys to understand and accept the reality.It is a fact that women today have outperformed men in a lot professional areas besides taking a lead in education.Men mus accept this.
    As for politicians are concerned–this young and old–tamasha is only to fool the poor voter. They are all the same and only objective is to get vote to retain power.


  3. Different cut offs for girls and boys in the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!!!! What next? If girls start performing better in companies, the promotion cut-offs will be changed so that the ‘ratio’ is intact???? It is even more ridiculous and sad coming from an educational institute, which should have known better.

    As for Naveen Jindal’s interview – what is he trying to do? He is either a moron or extremely smart to know that if he wants to get re-elected again, he has to keep the khaps on his side 😦 Sad, isn’t it? The distance our politicians are willing to go to stay in power, even if it means moving the society backwards rather than forward..


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  5. Absolutely ridiculous… what were/are they thinking? And aren’t we supposed to be becoming a more modern and sensible society? Seems to me, that we are treading in the reverse directing. And really fast!!


  6. Not that I have tried very hard, but I still don’t understand the concept of ‘gotra’. But this country has a way of teaching you these things….perhaps we will learn about it now, just as we learnt all about castes…..

    The Quirky Indian


  7. They are just morons 🙂

    So are the idiots who have a higher cut off for girls . There is no end to sexual discrimination . A day will come, when a hair tax will be imposed on Women , for having longer hair . Might happen .


  8. Are they even thinking beyond their vote banks? It’s ridiculous that the people vote them in, or is there a flaw in the voting process too??

    I wonder how people can be so public in their bias against girls!! what are the parents doing, isn’t there a PTA to oppose such misdoings?? Or is it that it’s a decision everyone seems to agree too??


  9. Penalizing girls for scoring better is really shocking. As it is girls have it tougher because they often help with house work also. I wonder if this is legal… can we really do this sort of thing?

    And the Gotra Jindal might find that a lot of people won’t really care to vote for gotra… Since Khaps are basically against marriages by choice (love-marriages) – many young men and women may not dare to speak against the system, the panchayat and the elders, but are probably glad they have the law by their side. I had never realised how real our Bollywood movies are when it comes to the ‘zamana’ being against ‘love’… until honor killings came to media’s attention. Would the young in small towns and villages in Northern India be foolish enough to vote for a demand that their ‘legal’ right to marry someone from their village or community or gotra be taken away? I doubt it…


  10. What MES’ done is utterly stupid! Surely, they must be violating some directive/established law! But I also read that in one instance at least, the cut off for boys was higher.

    What but important to note is that underlying rationale behind differing cut offs is exactly the same as that behind caste-based reservations, i.e., forcibly making birth-based groups’ (castes & boys v/s girls) representation in institutes same as in population.

    In Maharashtra for admission into health sciences, there was 33 % reservation for girls. Moreover, those girls had had same facilities as boys. But somehow, I am not opposed to such reservation (or even other tax benefits that women enjoy), because I feel, ensuing empowerment & women having greater say would influence society in a positive way – one prominent example being smaller families. To digress a bit, I think the western societies are better developed because of low population density, which in turn is because empowered women prefer fewer children. This, possibly because pregnancy & child birth are traumatic events that few women would like to undergo repeatedly & they also like to pursue a career.

    Personally, I do not feel board exam-results reflect ability or aptitude, but once a system is put in place to determine merit, it must be respected even if flawed. In my colony, in class 12, more girls than boys had taken coaching for the IIT-JEE, but ratio of boys:girls selected was greater than 5:1. Whereas, ratio of boys:girls for admission into MBBS was 1:2. I’m pointing out that the 2 genders tend to perform differently in different forms of contests (e.g., chess). We should be cautious in labeling any one form of exam as indicator of “intelligence & ability”.

    Moreover, we must remember aptitude is not generalized – it is specific to an area of work. A topper in maths, physics & chemistry in board exams is not the one best suited for rigor & imaginativeness that pure sciences demand. Rather, they likely have aptitude for working monotonously according to a fixed template for ‘guaranteed success’.

    What worries me most about honor killing is not what opportunistic Jindal said, but the deeply ingrained idea that sacrifice for invisible ‘higher purpos’ is a “good” thing. E.g., basic emotion behind fasting & honor killings is same, only degrees of harm are different.


  11. Hi,

    Came across this blog while searching something ..
    Having higher cut-off for girls seems bad .. but if you view it differently the college reckons that if they keep same cut-off they will get more girls in a class .. and they might have their reasons to believe that keeping equal number of boys and girls in the same class may foster better education. Lot of colleges/instis are known to do that .. keeping different yardsticks based on gender or race or nationalities ..

    Many of the Mumbai based business schools are known to take larger intake of girls to ensure that there is a good mix in the class as they believe it creates good learning environment ..

    Many of the state engineering colleges add extra marks to girls on top of their entrance score to ensure that there are good number of girls in engineering

    Many of the professional organizations try to ensure that they positively discriminate so that they have healthy mix of men and women at all levels .. good thing is that this type of behavior ensures that ladies do not miss out due to their family commitments which they have share in bigger proportion then the males in the house ..

    So lets give MES benefit of doubt that there might not be a simple case of gender discrimination.


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