Some Bizarre Conversations

Well, I just got back from a 5 day holiday in Bali – it was great and most of all the people were great…

Balinese people are somewhat in awe of Indian Hindus – they consider India to be the mother country…One day, we hired a car to go sight seeing…The driver, like all Balinese, loved chatting…The following is a conversation he had with my husband…

Driver: So, Mr. A, do you have only one daughter?

Husband: Yes

Driver: Do you have more wives or are you planning to get more wives?

Husband: W-what? Why? No…One is more than enough for me

Driver: Well, you don’t have a son and a man needs a son to carry on his name…In Bali, if we don’t have children or sons with our first wife, we marry again and again till we have at least one son…It’s a Hindu custom here…I thought it was the same in India

Husband: It may have been at some point but now it is illegal to have more than one wife at a time…I’m very happy that I have a daughter and don’t crave for a son…In fact, my brother also has one daughter so our family name will die with us

Driver: W-what? And you don’t care?

Husband: Nope, not one bit


This may be politically incorrect, but at times I’m embarrassed to be an Indian…On the flight back from Bali, I overheard an Indian lady talking to the steward

Lady: Since my son didn’t eat his food, can you pack it for us?

Steward: Well, Madam, we don’t usually pack the main meal…You are most welcome to take the fruit drink and cookies

Lady: But, we paid for his food so we have the right to take it with us

Steward: I understand, but we don’t pack left overs

Lady (loudly): If you don’t pack, I’ll complain to your superiors

This went on for some time and finally, the steward prevailed…


9 thoughts on “Some Bizarre Conversations

  1. Bali?? Bones – can I first say that I am envious?

    Ok, now that out of the way, can comment 🙂

    Your first story – yes, totally get this. I have seen that Hindus from other countries, and esp. descendants of Indians who migrated many generations will hold on to beliefs/customs that have long passed in the mother country; just as I see that Indian Americans are often stricter about making the kid learn Indian dance/music/shlokas whatever compared to Indians in India. I guess the fear of losing one’s culture makes you hold on to it more tightly, whereas living in India, you don’t consciously think of these things as much.


  2. This is what they feel in Bali. But, have you faced a similar situation back home?I doubt. I think we have gone beyond this. In my opinion, daughters are more attached to the parents than the sons, daughters are becoming more economically independent.

    Me: In India too, most families want sons but thankfully, having multiple wives is not so common these days although in rural areas, people still do…


  3. Holiday in Bali ???? WOW !!! 🙂

    What a hindu custom is that – to keep marrying till they get a son !!!! Even after marrying forever, if they dont get a son – its the problem with the man’s chromosomes – how many times will he marry – ridiculous !!!

    Good answer by ur husband !!!

    We Indians na – sometimes are too much to handle – what will she do with the packed lunch in an aircraft ???? Silly….

    Me: I didn’t open my mouth that day even though I desperately wanted to but exactly my thoughts…The guy kept on repeating that their’s was a patrilineal society and sons were important etc. …He unfortunately had a daughter and son and so couldn’t marry again…My husband was very interested in knowing how they managed to feed and house everybody and keep the wives happy…


  4. Loved your husband’s response!!
    Nope, not one bit 😆

    They need to hear such answers 🙂

    And the other one – it takes all kind. I am amazed the steward prevailed, I expected her to win this all-important battle.


  5. Haven’t people realized where the “X” chromosome comes from by now?

    I think if men need a son so badly, they should arrange to get the “Y” chromosomes into their wives some other way 😀


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