My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

IHM, thanks for tagging me…The tag says “list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.” Here is my list…

  1. As a kid, I was called a ‘tom boy’…Why? Because I loved climbing trees, playing cricket and wearing jeans…I hated those dreaded things called midis and frocks (I still do)
  2. I hated playing with dolls
  3. I love cars…I earned money by washing and polishing my father’s…I got my license as soon as I turned 16 (Australia)…Although I love cars, I don’t much like driving now…I think all women should learn how to drive so that they can be independent
  4. My greatest wish is to get a tattoo although I’m a bit scared of actually getting one because I’ve heard it hurts like hell…I love watching ‘Miami Ink’ and ‘LA Ink’ on Discovery Travel & Living
  5. I used to enjoy drinking Old Monk and wine (now I’m off alcohol)…I don’t know why people think that only morally corrupt women drink and smoke
  6. I’ve lived alone in Delhi…My idiotic neighbour used to complain to my mom  that I threw mixed sex parties and served alcohol
  7. Cooking is not my forte – neither do I do it well nor do I like it…I can’t make chappatis so we end up having rice or store bought frozen ones…For me, ironing is worse than cooking
  8. When I was in college, I learned to ride a bike…My friend (girl) and I had a great time going around DU scandalizing everyone
  9. I absolutely DETEST jewellery…My husband loves this about me
  10. I don’t know how to wear a saree properly…The last time I wore one was 3 years ago…

Edited to add:

11. I didn’t change my last name after marriage…My daughter has my last name as her middle name…


8 thoughts on “My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

  1. This tag has done more rounds than any other tag, in the shortest time possible, I guess. 🙂 And its so much fun, doing it, becos we relate so much to it.

    1. Me too climbed trees…
    3. Impressed…WOW
    4. Thats the only prgm that I dont watch in T&L, becos I dont like tattoos…
    5. You are right…anyone who likes a drink can have it…
    6. Mixed sex parties – LOL !!!
    7 Does ur hubby cook ???
    8 Cool
    9 Less expenses for him, eh…LOL !!!
    10 Really…I love wearing sarees…but I don’t…I choose my jeans over it. 🙂

    Loved ur list and waiting for more ppl to fall flat for this tag…. 🙂

    Me: Yes, my husband cooks on weekends…He’s better at it than me ’cause he has a standard…I don’t…Sometimes some dish turns out well and other times they flop…


  2. Sraboney I got our school to give me permission to wear woolen trousers in winters (in Delhi).
    I loved dolls – like being totally crazy about dolls – but always hated jewelry and avoided kitchen altogether. I can’t make chappaties even now.

    I too have tried everything – enjoyed shandy first and then loved beer for a while, but have been off alcohol for many years now.

    Living alone in Delhi is something and your neighbours!!! I wish I could meet them…

    Get that tattoo Sraboney! I too plan to get one and have just been lazy. My daughter got hers and claims it didn’t hurt (on her arm).

    Me: I think Delhi schools should allow girls to wear trousers in winter…I really feel sorry when I see them standing at their bus stops shivering…Shriram allows it…I was in a boarding school in Dehra Dun and woolen trousers was the uniform…

    I want to get a tattoo on my back…Let’s see, one day I hope I have the guts to do it…


  3. read this in detail and I guess we`re the same on a number of points! # 1, 2, 4, 5(though I stick to vodka!), 8,9,10!! That`s a whole lot of similarities, I would think!:)


  4. Bravo!

    Esp. on the nomenclature, and the bike riding part 🙂 The sons have promised to teach me properly, so I can wait my turn 🙂

    Me: Bike riding is exciting albeit scary…Try it…


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