The Shopping Conundrum

To go shopping or not to go shopping with your spouse, that is the question…Is it better to suffer the barrage of questions that you can never answer correctly or say what you think thus running the risk of ending your marriage? If you can answer this question correctly, then you have mastered the art of marriage…

As you may or may not know, I hate shopping with all my heart…Others may have other bones to pick with their spouses, but mine is going shopping with my husband especially for electronics…To be fair, he usually goes alone but sometimes he wants to make it a family outing and I being a part of the family have to go along…The logic here is “I like shopping for electronics…I like spending time with you and M…Let me combine the two and have twice the fun in half the time…” This ‘collaborative’ form of shopping is the most virulent form as far as I am concerned…

A few months ago, my husband decided to upgrade our TV…Fine…I like nice TVs but since the final decision didn’t depend on my opinion, I decided to keep quiet…Weeks of research went by and finally he managed to zero in on a brand and model…One fine Saturday morning he said “Let’s go to XYZ and buy the TV…We’ll have lunch there (which means I have to go along)…” So off we went…After reaching the store, we found out that the model my husband had zeroed in on was out of production…

A few more weeks of intense research went by…Another Saturday and the same statement…All of us trouped back to XYZ…This time (thankfully) the model he had chosen was still in production…The buying process started off with an innocuous “Take a look at it…What do you think?” What did I think? Too expensive…I meekly voiced my opinion…His face clouded up…”You are always thinking about money…What do you think of the picture quality?” Good, in fact fabulous but do we really need to buy such a big one given that M is the one who watches it most of the time? Again, the stupid me voiced my opinion (I never learn)…”TVs are not bought every day…We need to think of the time when we’ll get to watch movies on it…” OK, your money, your decision…The TV was bought…

A couple of days later, the grand purchase was delivered and installed (my husband had measured and marked the spot on the wall) …He comes back from office and looks at it…

“Are you sure they’ve installed it where I put the marks?”

“Yes, go and take a closer look…The hooks are on the marks you made…”

“It looks a bit crooked…You know what, I should have bought the 45″ one and not the 42″…Why do I even listen to you…”

“But you had decided on the 42″ one before we went to the store…I wanted a smaller one…How is it my fault?”


11 thoughts on “The Shopping Conundrum

  1. U just described the very scene in my own abode…..

    They beg for our attention/advise while purchasing while never listening to it.. yet are quick to balme for the one’s not given! is it a typical situation in every household 🙂

    nd now thankfully the children accompanies him while I roam arnd in every other section than the electronics.. yea his wants never ends!


  2. LOL !!! Agree, its never easy to shop with gadget loving men – and look at all the complaints that women take a lot of time to shop !!! 🙂

    But of-late he has been agreeing to my opinions – God knows for how long !!! It sure is bringing heavy rains down here… 😉

    Me: I’m waiting for the day my husband will agree with my opinions


  3. Ha ha 🙂 42″ is a good size I think. Ten years ago I would have done what your husband does.

    This post made me feel like a shopaholic 😯 although the only things I really like to research, explore, read about and buy are a laptops, cell phones and cameras and nice looking pots and pans for kitchen.


  4. Ha ha ha, there is complete role reversal in your household Bones, compared to mine. Here I am the shop-a-holic, and the GP just needs to grin and bear it! And hence I can imagine his regret at not having bought the bigger one. 😉


  5. This sounds like my story in reverse. My wife takes me clothes shopping – but she’s learned never to ask my opinion. I’ll just choose the cheaper option! Now she just takes me along and dumps me in a corner. Sometimes she’s kinder and lets me stay home…


  6. LOL! This is just the same in every family!! I’ve realised men love to put the blame onto the spouse!!!!! Btw, another thing I’ve learnt – Never go shopping with men!! They generally think its a waste of time!


  7. LOL! It is the same here! I get so mad when after buying it, he goes, ‘Oh, we should have gone for the other one!’ And this is true for electronics, cars everything 😦 Just yesterday, he saw a bigger TV at a friend’s place and was wondering if we should upgrade!


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