Where Do You Draw The Line…

…about what you will blog about and what you won’t?

Can you claim to be writing true stories when you might edit, exaggerate, or even make things up?

Are all personal blogs lies? If people choose to write only about funny, quirky, happy parts of their lives, are they lying by omission?

Now, about my blog…

Do I lie by omission because I choose to write about happy and interesting things? Yes, I guess…Do I think you are stupid enough to believe that my life is a bed of roses? No, I don’t…I believe that you are smart enough to realize that this blog is not a straightforward diary of my life, but an edited selection of pieces of information I choose to share…

Where do you draw the line? Do you even have one? If you don’t, how do you find the courage to cross it?


13 thoughts on “Where Do You Draw The Line…

  1. Hey Bones, there is no line……….. is what I believe…….. everything is based on personal choice…………

    when I try to write something funny, yes I do exaggerate to a certain extent…… I think the humor is in that exaggeration…………. or the way I see things……….

    and Life is all about positives and negatives….. just becoz a person blogs about the positives only does not change anything 😛 that is just what he/she wants to project or focus upon 😛

    Me: Yes, even I do exaggerate to a certain extent just to make it interesting…


  2. Where and when to draw the line is an individual choice.I feel blogging is platform for the writer to relieve his/her feelings about any aspect of life unless one has decided to write only fiction.And, yes, ultimately a blog post is published for readers to comment on it.If the content is not good, the readers will draw the line and the result is very obvious.


  3. I don’t think ommission is lying in case of blogs, unless you commit, to putting down each bit of your personal life. For me its jotting down what I want to remember, or sometimes a way to vent or discuss issues.


  4. Bones, what happened? Its your blog, you can write whatever you want.

    Sometimes if I think that a certain topic may seem trivial, I don’t bother. At other times, If I feel there is a message in it, I go ahead.

    Is somebody judging u or are you just being critical of yourself?

    Me: Someone said that he didn’t read personal blogs because they were lies as they projected only certain parts of a person’s life…


  5. First, I am honest on this one – I dont blog all the happenings in my life. I only give a peek-a-boo to certain things, which I think I share. But may be if I meet you in person, I might share a bit more with you. 🙂

    If I omit a particular incident from blogging, then its personal to me – I don’t want everyone to know about it or rather sometimes I don’t want to spread the sad ones.

    Yes, I do draw the line on what I say on the blog. If you’ve read my post on discrimination based on menstruation – its the time I crossed over the line, with lots of courage. In our family, its taboo to talk abt it so openly, so when I wrote abt it in a public forum, I needed all the courage I needed to cross that line. Its not about others comments, its like overcoming my own stupid upbringing to not talk abt it.

    Me: Did you feel better after writing it? Often people blog because it is cathartic…


  6. I do have limits for what I blog about..I don’t blog about sex..politics.. also I write only those personal experiences which are either funny or related to some deeper issue…Also I don’t believe in writing daily inane stuff just for the sake of posting. I think every sensible blogger lies by omission and in fact that is the correct thing to do..after all this is an online world.


  7. which lines ?? i know nothing bout such things… I blog bout whatever… sometimes I want to cringe, but those times I dont find the blog the best place… some times I wanna act looney and at such times I feel the blog is handy.. 😛 tells you a lot doesnt that line… but really I agree with OG its a matter of personal choice, everyone exxagerates a bit.. and at times doesnt want to say it all.. and I think its Fair Enough ! 😛


  8. Sometimes a few secrets about yourself are so deep that it’s tough to bare them in public. Especially if you have a public identity and not an anonymous one.

    For example, I’m thinking of writing a post about a certain dream I had – in which I did something terrible. I know it’s just a dream, and I had no control over it, but it’s still tough to talk about it.

    Then there are family members to consider. If the blog post involves them, they need to be kept in the loop so that you don’t say something about them that they will mind. Again, this is only an issue when personally identifiable info is on the blog.

    So it’s not such an easy decision. It must vary from person to person.


  9. Bones.. Its about one’s choice on what to share.. a happy story makes other happy so I think that was written more.. nobody loves cribbing about everything.. isn’t it???

    I don’t mind sharing SOME of my sad stories but I don’t want to make people depressed… if it is important and it can help somebody I will surely blog about it 🙂 🙂


  10. Drawing the line is crucial, I feel. Blogging is, sort of, an exercise in empowering yourself. Sharing everything without drawing a line would just make you more vulnerable, open to judgment and pontification by others. That would defeat the purpose.


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