Scenes From A Marriage – III

Marriage – Rule No. 3

Don’t EVER criticize your husband’s sense of aesthetics

Me: The nail cutter and letter opener do not belong on the centre table…They don’t gel with the decor and anyway, the living room is no place for them…Can you please put them away?

Husband: Who says they don’t belong there…The centre table is the most practical place to keep them since I spend most of my time in the living room…Why should I have to go all the way to the bedroom to get them? As for gelling with the decor – they blend right in…

Me: They go with the decor? Are you nuts! What do you know about aesthetics?

Husband: You are right, I don’t know anything…That’s why I married you…


12 thoughts on “Scenes From A Marriage – III

  1. Rofl!

    Neat! Why have any decor at all… sometimes one feels the decor should be done around these likely objects that are certainly going to find their way into the living room, no matter where they are supposed to be!!!


  2. Put him and the GP in a house, and let them live their way. Uff! these men. But I love the conversations you guys have, our are so boring, in comparison, or I get too mad, and it gets bad!


  3. You know, my wife seems to think I’m the only person who has a terrible sense of aesthetics. I’m going to use this as proof that her dreams of meeting another male who’s like me but “unlike” me in these ways, are just dreams 😀


  4. But seriously why don’t they belong there….. Remember Howard Roark a building is as beautiful as it is comfortable and convenient to the occupants of it 🙂

    Me: That’s why he was so depressed and alone…:-)


  5. Ah, when all other defence fails, make it personal!! Very underhanded I must say. I hope you didn’t let MM get away with it.

    Me: Nope, but he still leaves the nail cutter on the centre table and I have to put it back…After marriage when I first went to his house in NJ, the centre table had nailcutters, a letter opener, letters and various manuals – all neatly arranged…


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