Political Bawaas

The controversy surrounding the proposed Islamic community centre-cum-mosque near Ground Zero in NYC is nothing but a whole lot of political bakwaas…If the sentiments of those who have lost loved ones are so important, then why haven’t Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and others shown disgust over the commercialization of the WTC site? Hawkers of 9/11 obscenity, the people who sell postcards, T-shirts and bumper stickers of 9/11, populate  the area like roaches making money out of death, but not one politician has found it objectionable enough to create a hullabaloo about it…Money being made off the tragedy and people wanting to buy souvenirs of it, as if it were the Empire State Building, is the real perversion of the area not the construction of an Islamic community centre…


17 thoughts on “Political Bawaas

  1. Disaster tourism is not uncommon in any part of the world, WTC is and will be no exception either.

    Emotions defy reason, and that is the mass sentiment…ever since Brutus killed Caesar.! Mark Antony’s speech still rings in my ears and is such a classic example of what is happening even today. right through the ages, the one thing that has remained constant is emotions defying logic or reasoning..sometimes to good effect…and sometimes the opposite.


  2. Couldn’t agree more. The public’s ghoulishness seems to have no limits now. At any accident scene people are more interested in whipping out their cell phones to record the scene than to offer help.


  3. But to be fair to the US, the government isn’t about to interfere with the construction despite the opposition – something that speaks about their ability to stick to their principles.

    Me: That’s what I like about the US…The law is the law…


  4. I received an email recently from a friend that went on and on about the Islamization of the US, esp in a place where a tragic act of terrorism took place. Your post kind of puts it in perspective. I did wonder wat it was about, and why none of the news channels per se had picked up such a worthy story! Now it makes sense. A community centre? Hmmm… How things get distorted!

    Me: It’s a community centre with a mosque in it…There’s already a mosque near the WTC site, so I don’t know what the hullabaloo is about…Also, it’s not as if they are building it on the site…

    I also think that unless Islamic extremism stops the world over, this phobia is not going to leave the public consciousness…Take for example, the Japanese…They’ve changed their ways and have not attacked anybody since WWII as a result of which a Shinto shrine peacefully exists near Pearl Harbor…


    • From Pol Pot to Stalin to Mao – the Leftists killed more than anyone. They also seem to have this affinity to other killers — the pro-Taliban rally by Kolkata Leftists comes to mind.


    • “Leftists hate their own” is just a completion of “Rights hate others”…. and yes, many will find “FWB” comical but then many will also laugh at “Indian Pundit”


      • Look carefully what i wrote.
        i wrote:
        “Also the self-righteous indignation and condemnation of someone called “Future Wife Beater” is COMICAL! ”

        People wont find “Future Wife Beater” comical but disgusting!
        By the way , you should not talk about what left did…..considering the record of your Capitalist masters starting from a certain “East India Company”…..


  5. “Money being made off the tragedy and people wanting to buy souvenirs of it, as if it were the Empire State Building, is the real perversion of the area not the construction of an Islamic community centre”
    very true!!


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