Indians Need To Grow Up

I just read this article by Pankaj Vohra in HT…It’s his opinion of A.R.Rahman’s music…The article is ordinary but the comments are anything but ordinary…In fact, they are so extraordinary that it’ll take me a while to get over them…

Sample of comments:

“Sorry Mr. Pankah Vohra. That is pure bile and your bias shows!!! The fact that you did not mention Ilayaraja in your article shows how biased you are against Tamil film Industry. Ilayaraja, by far is the greatest composer in Indian film industry throughout its entire history bar none and if you didn’t know it then you are obviously not qualified to comment on matters related to music. That is enough for me not to read any further. Rahman is certainly not in the level of Ilayaraja, but he is not as incapable as you paint him to be.Your bias shows and shame on you!!!”

“Ya amit Take critism from a guy, who smell like sarso ka oil , and is brutal and dirty like the paki punjabi taliban isnt it”

“You’re a frog who dwells in a well & think that’s the whole world. What do you have to be proud of, other than silly nothings?
I’ve never heard Illayaraja & I never will. Tamil music sucks, just like stupid Rajnikanth. Take it!”

“Illayaraj’s Hindi scores are nothing short of pathetic and anyways Tamils have done nothing for the country. Can you name one Tamilian freedom fighter?”

“mahabali are u related to Phoolan, dirty north Indian, they have destroyed the name of iNDIA WORLD WIDE, DIRTY SMELL LIKE SARSO KA TELL , WHEN U SEE THEM JUST STAY AWAY”

“Mr Vohra is punjabi Hindu ,similar to muslim Punjabi taliban in Pakistan,so u guy know his mindset. The whole of India till Kashmir is the territory of South Indian dravidian u ,guy came from central ASIA Mr Vohra u go back there and swim in sands,dont bring ur dirty mind here,u scoundrel jealous punjabi”

“Mr Vohra is a jealous,uncultured north indian .He has again downplayed the achievements of Mr Rehman ,who is a genious.Mr Vohra is Hindu Talibn north Indian,who is comparing rehman with older generation singers.Rehman is Mr rehman and ur are as usual jealous Mr Vohra.People from North Indian are uncultured , who pee and shit on the roads in Bombay .Do u have any opinion about that Mr Vohra. All people responsible for dirty behaviour in India are from Bihar ,UP ,MP,Gujrat and Punjab,and these are the people getting beaten up in Australia ,due to there Sarso da smell.So Mr Vohra ,I sugest u F OFF.”

and they go on and on…

Why are Indians so sensitive? Why must everything become a personal issue? Why can’t we accept criticism? Why must we always be defensive? If this crass parochialism continues, India is doomed…