Indians Need To Grow Up

I just read this article by Pankaj Vohra in HT…It’s his opinion of A.R.Rahman’s music…The article is ordinary but the comments are anything but ordinary…In fact, they are so extraordinary that it’ll take me a while to get over them…

Sample of comments:

“Sorry Mr. Pankah Vohra. That is pure bile and your bias shows!!! The fact that you did not mention Ilayaraja in your article shows how biased you are against Tamil film Industry. Ilayaraja, by far is the greatest composer in Indian film industry throughout its entire history bar none and if you didn’t know it then you are obviously not qualified to comment on matters related to music. That is enough for me not to read any further. Rahman is certainly not in the level of Ilayaraja, but he is not as incapable as you paint him to be.Your bias shows and shame on you!!!”

“Ya amit Take critism from a guy, who smell like sarso ka oil , and is brutal and dirty like the paki punjabi taliban isnt it”

“You’re a frog who dwells in a well & think that’s the whole world. What do you have to be proud of, other than silly nothings?
I’ve never heard Illayaraja & I never will. Tamil music sucks, just like stupid Rajnikanth. Take it!”

“Illayaraj’s Hindi scores are nothing short of pathetic and anyways Tamils have done nothing for the country. Can you name one Tamilian freedom fighter?”

“mahabali are u related to Phoolan, dirty north Indian, they have destroyed the name of iNDIA WORLD WIDE, DIRTY SMELL LIKE SARSO KA TELL , WHEN U SEE THEM JUST STAY AWAY”

“Mr Vohra is punjabi Hindu ,similar to muslim Punjabi taliban in Pakistan,so u guy know his mindset. The whole of India till Kashmir is the territory of South Indian dravidian u ,guy came from central ASIA Mr Vohra u go back there and swim in sands,dont bring ur dirty mind here,u scoundrel jealous punjabi”

“Mr Vohra is a jealous,uncultured north indian .He has again downplayed the achievements of Mr Rehman ,who is a genious.Mr Vohra is Hindu Talibn north Indian,who is comparing rehman with older generation singers.Rehman is Mr rehman and ur are as usual jealous Mr Vohra.People from North Indian are uncultured , who pee and shit on the roads in Bombay .Do u have any opinion about that Mr Vohra. All people responsible for dirty behaviour in India are from Bihar ,UP ,MP,Gujrat and Punjab,and these are the people getting beaten up in Australia ,due to there Sarso da smell.So Mr Vohra ,I sugest u F OFF.”

and they go on and on…

Why are Indians so sensitive? Why must everything become a personal issue? Why can’t we accept criticism? Why must we always be defensive? If this crass parochialism continues, India is doomed…


21 thoughts on “Indians Need To Grow Up

  1. Bones, one interesting thing I noticed from the (few) comments I managed to read there is that we have a tendency to associate an individual completely with his community. Despite the fact that Pankaj Vohra has only criticised “Rahman” and nowhere even mentioned “Tamils”, people perceive an attack on Rahman as an attack on all Tamils; and then of course, the slighted community must vent its ire 🙂


  2. It’s a problem that seems to be omnipresent, Bones. Recently on Shobha De’s blog I read an article where she bemoans the lack of real screen beauties today as compared to the Nargises and Madhubalas of old. She also says that Aishwarya is only true beauty in a sea of plastic actresses. And there starts a commentator fight. Some folks think Aish is plastic others think not and an extremely personal, vitriolic comment brawl ensues. It’s like these people have never heard “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,” which should be our attitude, I think,


  3. I agree. Indians – cutting across all geographic, linguistic and cultural divides – can be extremely juvenile in their response to any sort of perceived criticism. And that reaction certainly doesn’t help shore up our reputation as a people.
    As for Vohra, he’s entitled to his opinion. Rahman is certainly not in his peak creative form as of now. But when he first got famous he was almost entirely responsible for getting a new generation of Indians excited about Hindi music again. He injected life into our music, made it fun again, introduced new sounds. Who can forget the soundtracks from Roja, Bombay and Dil Se? They were brilliant. And this is coming from a person who is not a big fan of Hindi films or their scores! Jai Ho too was extremely catchy. As for the games theme song, we have forgotten all too soon that the initial reactions to Shakira’s FIFA World Cup tune were extremely tepid. But as the tournament approached and anticipation built up, so did the enthusiasm for the song. That could well happen with the CWG song too.


  4. I dont see any comments by Indians . All I see is Punjabi Hindus , Tamilians , North Indians and Dravidians . That explains why “Indians” are so touchy . Asking a Punjabi to take pride in something Tamil and vice-versa , would appear absurd to most people. And people ask why we need Nationalism .


  5. We Indians not only need to grow up, we’re also ridiculously touchy about everything. As aparna mentioned in the first comment, people are so completely associated with their community/religion/location that an attack (or perceived attack) on one translates into an attack on everyone in that community.

    Moreover, these comments aren’t logical. They’re full of ad hominem attacks. They don’t know how to react respectfully and discuss just the issue instead of focusing on the person.


  6. How does Pankaj Vohra thinks that he is capable of rating/criticising music?

    Me: It’s not the question of his capabilities, it’s a question of opinion…I too like some types of music and dislike others and I’m entitled to my opinion just as he is…Why should people take an opinion on a third person personally?


  7. This increasing touchiness and intolerance is not accidental. To a large extent it is the by-product of the kind of politics that our politicians indulge in to divide Indians solely to secure their exclusive vote banks.

    Rahman, as some commenters have mentioned, has created some mind blowing music that is in a class of its own. But, there is little doubt that as of now he is in some sort of a trough. The CWG song is, in my view, pathetic. I think the organisers should have asked a few composers to create their version of the signature tune and then chosen the best.


  8. OMG, a simple article has turned into a cauldron, into which every Tom Dick and Harry is throwing his own bias and skewed thoughts! What a shame!!

    Btw, the CWG song is not even hummable. To think it costed this much time and money is a ridiculous. And yes, I am a huge Rahman fan. However, I believe Ilayaraja’s music was soothing and melodious, while Rahman’s is catchy and enjoyable. Both are great, in their own right.


  9. Ah man , i can go on and on about this … you SO said it !Everything is taken personally – and god help you if you go against the grain. (Which god ? Don’t even go there ! :)) Basically , we are hopelessly unevolved and this is only one aspect of that.Period.


  10. You nailed it, Bones. Indians, in general, are just a bunch of clueless retards, constantly wasting their time rambling about non-issues like the one you mention here, while there are plenty of real issues out there which need our urgent attention.


    • “bunch of clueless retards”, wow! another english educated indian who shows little restraint in his/her language while blaming india and indians.. i find the title of the post too quite offensive.


  11. I wonder how many such people do we meet in real life? I wonder if the internet makes such touchy and rather petty people more aggressive than they would be in real life… or maybe, these are their truest feelings!

    Sadly, and obviously it does seem very easy to create meaningless conflicts amongst Indians over almost non issues.


  12. When it comes to any internal situation, we tend to deviate from the fact that we “all” are Indians and actually there is no one India .. Different cultures .. different lifestyles .. different thoughts .. a punjabi would be more fond of daler mehendi or wadali brothers even but he or she may not acknowledge the genius in Rahman! And the divide as I see it is north India and south India .. They are just not ready to accept each other .. these 2 parts should have been different countries if we advocate the principle of nationalism!


  13. I understand that this is a very old article. But I am compelled to comment here. If you are complaining about the comments in that article, then you too must grow up. It’s called expression. However one perceives any piece of information he/she tends to react. This reaction will obviously be bound by one’s knowledge, tolerance and understanding. But I feel it’s perfectly reasonable that they do so. Else, you shouldn’t be complaining here.


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