“We Middle Class Indians Are Too Hung Up On Democracy…

What we need is a benevolent dictator…I’m glad that Modi has been elected as the PM – his autocratic style of governing is what the country needs now…He can set India straight… Anyway, who gives a s**t about democracy and individual freedoms when the country is going down the toilet? Do you think the poor care about whether they can elect the government or not? They are too busy trying earn enough to provide for their families…If you think I’m wrong then look at China – that country is something! It has sprinted way ahead of us…We need a government like that.”

“What???!!! ARE YOU CRAZY!!!”, I blurted out…Was my normally sane and intelligent friend out of her mind? I mean, yes, the poor are focussed on earning a living wage but how can a dictaorship – benevolent or not –  be better for them?

Like most Indians, I wanted change, but didn’t know whom or which party to support… Truthfully, I am not a big fan of Modi’s (now that he has the mandate, I wish him the best) as I think (like my friend) he is a bit autocratic and also am not too fond of his links to Hindu groups…

Nobody can argue with the fact that the way our country is run needs to change, and soon…But, India’s flirtation with autocratic rule in the 1970s was a disaster…As Indira Gandhi declared a state of Emergency, her political opponents were arrested, the press was censored and elections were postponed…Her goonda son Sanjay Gandhi ordered demolition of slums and forced sterilizations…Guess who the real victims of this regime were? The poorest classes, the ones who need the protection of democracy the most…No matter how chaotic our parliamentary system was at the time, it still provided them a buffer from the absolute power of the state – a state which could at any moment forcefully seize them from their homes or fields and drag them off to sterilization camps to have their you know what’s cut off..

The rest of the country (who apparently were the only ones concerned with democracy and freedoms) carried on with their lives as usual albeit with blander newspapers as long as they didn’t resist or shout out their opinions…In fact, these sections of society actually benefited because their work in government offices got done and buses and trains started running on time…

So, am I, a middle class Indian, too hung up on democracy? You bet I am…No matter how inefficient and corrupt our parliamentary system is, I prefer it a whole lot more than the one in China…


3 thoughts on ““We Middle Class Indians Are Too Hung Up On Democracy…

  1. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that things run smoothly. As long as there is no subversion of the Constitution or interference in the workings of the Supreme Court, I don’t think there is any danger of a dictator arising. I’m optimistic. And why not huh?


  2. I am not too big a fan of Modi myself, however, am quite sure that in the light of all options we have perhaps he will make the best use of India’s resources. I do not think he will go the jingoistic way as the Cong and media have made us fear him.

    The only fear I have is if he goes the Indira way, though, it was the Emergency that got him actively into politics back then so I am guessing he won’t go that way. He though has a very bad trait of going too low to take revenge on anyone who actually has harmed him or he perceived has tried to harm him. How he responds to criticism will probably tell us where we are headed…

    I have been arguing this many times and I will say again, Politicians are no better or no worse… and trust India to over come Modi if he becomes another Indira!


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