Why Do Schmucks Succeed As Politicians?

Half the politicians we elect in India are not fit to be seen or heard in public…Take a look at the video below:


This is just one incident…There are numerous examples of how badly our elected representatives behave both in and out of parliament…The question is why do we elect such people?

Rudeness…Most of us deplore it but time and again we elect people who are rude…Is it because we see it as a sign of power? Does it mean that the ruder one acts, the more we are convinced that he or she is powerful, and therefore does not have to respect the same societal rules we have to? Or do politicians become rude after being elected?


One thought on “Why Do Schmucks Succeed As Politicians?

  1. The reason is very simple they thrive on the fear of the poor and illiterate people, whose main basic requirements is not been fulfilled and they through some lucrative offers just before the election to them and that’s the way they are being selected we suffer the most…
    The solution is by providing quality education to all that will solve the problem forever. 🙂
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