Do We Need To Cover Up?

Sorry, readers, if you’ve come to this post thinking it’s about gender issues, it’s not…It’s about airline travel…Yes, you read right, airline travel…

Over the years I’ve been observing the deterioration of attire of air travelers and this bothers me…Why? Because I don’t like sitting next to a man whose hairy legs and armpits that are centimetres away from me…Even in First Class, people have no problem walking into the aircraft wearing singlets, shorts and slippers!

I distinctly remember in the 80s and 90s people dressing up when they flew…I’m not advocating the Don Draper look, all I’m saying is that they should cover up a bit more…They can wear jeans, chinos whatever, but cover up…

I know the golden age of flying is history and I appreciate the fact that the world has changed and with it social norms (thankfully so)…With the world being flat and fares cheap, air travel is no longer the domain of the rich or famous – it’s for the common man…The novelty factor has been vastly eroded which, in my opinion, is a good thing…But, with all these changes, why should certain etiquette be done away with?

You may argue, “When I travel, I like to be comfortable and shorts and singlets are what I’m most comfortable in, so why should I cover up? I’m paying for the ticket, aren’t I?” True, but still…

What do you wear when you fly?


2 thoughts on “Do We Need To Cover Up?

  1. Shorts for travel always! Though in planes I prefer pants…. as it gets kinda cold after a while in the AC! lol…. but really it seems you need to go to sleep rather than watching those hairy things! 😛


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