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Motivated + Energetic + Active = 7 months to write an ‘About Me’ page

In a nutshell, that’s me and my life…A few years ago, I started keeping a journal – not a daily one but one in which I could jot down my many opinions and varied ideas…One week later, my nature took over and the journal started gathering dust…Seven months ago, I started blogging and for some reason my nature hasn’t yet overpowered me…Why? Because of all the varied and interesting blogs I get to read and learn from everyday…I can’t wait to get up in the morning and check my blogroll…These blogs keep my brain active and motivate me to write a post every few days…

I blog about anything and everything but always about things that interest me…Please continue visiting my blog and reading my posts and if it’s your first time here, please come back again…Cya!


38 thoughts on “About Me

  1. First time here, via Manju’s. I too feel the same like you. After I started writing blogs, my mind is not lazy anymore. I write about anything and everything and feel good to do so.

    Bloggers here write about so many subjects, I never thought that there are so many angles for one problem/news. I too, have learnt a lot from the blog writers on my list. Will come back and read your other posts too!


  2. Nice to meet you! I was just looking websurfing a bit of blogs because I was thinking of setting one up myself and was curious how bloggers found each other to add to their blogrolls. I thought your blog is interesting because you seem like you know a lot about Indian politics which is something that I would be interested gaining more insight on just for general knowledge. I am somewhat of a rationalist in the United States and my background is in math and economics (and of course politics because disecting it is somewhat of a game where I live outside DC).


  3. Hi 🙂

    I have started blogging just a couple of months or so and like at the beginning of any other activities, i am always glued to it. Everyday morning, i wake up to log in as soon as possible to see what all new blogs have come and also what is people’s feedback about my blogs etc (Am i getting too market concious!!I dont know anyway :P). I thought may be there is some problem, may be it is because it’s just the beginning, but now i am a bit relieved that there are people who also goes through the same drill 🙂


  4. Hi !!!

    First timer here !!! Came thru IHM !!!
    U know, I was actually very curious abt ur name….thats why this visit.

    I can’t wait to get up in the morning and check my blogroll…

    Absolutely, same feelings here….


      • Sraboney….Hmmmm….thats what it means, eh ????

        U Bengali ???? My hubby was born and brought up in Cal….so, he thinks himself as a Bengali, even though we’re from Chennai…. 🙂

        Enjoying my time, in ur blog pages….. 😆


  5. Wishing you happy Diwali,
    and happy bloging times,
    This Diwali all my comments
    will be only in rhymes 😉

    Hope you blog hop
    finding news, fiction and events
    may you be always first to comment
    May others be envious
    And accuse you of means devious :twist:
    May you feel inspired to write
    may you discover lovely new websites
    To unearth newer gems
    Ahem! Ahem and more Ahems 😉

    May spammers (of the good kind)
    On your blog you find!

    May gadgets new, be gifted to you
    May commenting bring surprises new
    Awards and tweets may make your day
    (Join twitter today! I suggest if I may!)

    May you delight
    At lovely sights,
    (and sites)
    May you enjoy this festival of lights
    May you splurge on luxuries all
    BUT May you refuse
    To ever use
    Things that make a hole in the ozone layer,
    And destroy the only known atmosphere 😦


  6. Hi Sraboney,

    I stumbled across your blog as I was meandering around in India. It is a very well written and honest blog. Congratulations.

    We are trying to put together a few large social innovation programs in India at One Billion Minds. Can I request you to come and visit us and give us your feelings about what we are doing?

    Neil Andrews
    Engagement Director / One Billion Minds


  7. Hi, guess you know a bit of me by now, went through yr blog and interview, It totally feel the same way about the blogosphere- far better than twitter and facebook plus whatever you talk about people will invariably have something to add to it. It tends to refine your viewpoint.



  8. Wonderful blog. we require women like you to get some sense and logic in this great country of ours. Unfortunately, the women’s reservation bill won’t help you to get a seat in the lok sabha and kick the b##ls of these idiotic MCPs. All the seats go to Messrs Mayawati/konimojhi/Priya Dutt and Co who care two hoots for women.
    Kudos to you.


  9. Interesting… pretty interesting…
    Your website has a charm and will definitely come back to read again.
    I like blogging but I love to write articles. Will definitely leave behind the links to my articles.


  10. Jaa…Ami links gulo ditthe bhule gyalam…anyway…those are as follows:

    1. I am posting this comment from one of my favourite websites which you can easily link back. That’s ‘Picturesspeak.’

    2. You will get all the links to my articles from my personal website is: http://asmideep.webs.com

    3. Website for my publication: candlesmagazine.webs.com

    Hope you will enjoy my all my sites.


  11. Hi I found your web site by mistake when i was looking out Yahoo for this issue, I’ve to say your site is admittedly helpful I also love the theme, its wonderful!. I dont have that much time to learn all of your publish at the moment but I have bookmarked it and also add your RSS feeds. I will be again in one day or two. thank you for an excellent internet site.


  12. i just read ur blog and found it very interesting…various topics and written in such simple way..i loved the way u write. i m new to blogging so to begin with u provided with a great experience…hope to have a long lasting blogship with u…


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