The Rudest People I Know Are…

  • The politicized proletariat on the streets of Kolkata…Their sense of entitlement for just existing never fails to amaze me…An aggressive lack of consideration and respect for others and property has taken hold of the people of this once great city…The roads belong to them – it doesn’t matter if they are inconveniencing others…Women belong to them and exist to be molested…Honest work and gainful employment are for idiots, the intelligent proletariat only demands – maante hobe, cholbe naa! The so-called bhadrolok culture is nothing but a thin veneer concealing a rot that has taken over Bengalis…Who  do I blame for this situation? The CPI(M) government…Defiance of authority, indiscipline, poor work ethic, lack of respect, loathing for private capital etc. are just some of the traits the CPI(M) has encouraged  amongst the people in the last 30 years…Soon, the city and Bengal will be left with only lazy, ‘entitled’, unemployed and uncouth ruffians who blame the Centre and Hindustanis for all their ills
  • The know-it-all arrogant NRIs who can’t stop giving impractical solutions to India’s problems
  • Indian Airlines’ pursers and air-hostesses who make you feel like a criminal just for travelling with them
  • Old Bengali men who make you feel like an idiot just because you are young and don’t agree with their out-dated opinions and values…So what if I didn’t change my name after marriage or wear my loha and sindoor? So what if my husband and I have chosen to spell our daughter’s name in the Punjabi way? How is it any concern of theirs especially the oldies I don’t even know? And yet, they don’t hesitate to offer their opinion and tell me how I’m disrespecting Bengali culture…These people are just rude, plain rude