Some WTF Moments

Here is a link to a post which lists some WTF moments during the Mumbai siege..Here are some excerpts:

Commandos are landing on the Nariman Building. They seem to be tip-toeing down. They are communicating to each other through hand signals. Secrecy & surprise are paramount. And NDTV is showing this live!!! With informative commentary on how many commandos have landed and so on. Perhaps NDTV’s research has shown that terrorists only watch cartoon network during missions.

The CII Chief Mentor, Tarun Das, has suggested that many conferences should be held to combat terrorism. I presume they will meet all day in exotic but safe spots and come out with a resolution condemning terrorism. There goes Al Qaeda’s chances on getting listed in the BSE.

While all the TV channels have been uniformly hysterical, Barkha Dutt seems to have emerged as the first among equals in the race for the most words with the least sense. By asking the relatives of hostages bizarre questions – “How do you feel?” and “What will you do if your husband doesn’t come out?” – she has piled insensitivity on top of stupidity. Basically the thugs have taken the hostages and the media is spreading the terror.


4 thoughts on “Some WTF Moments

  1. Nice ones…I’m sure there are many more. Barkha, as usual takes not just the cake but the whole pastry shop, followed closely by Rajdeep…I have never understood why he uses so much force and jumps so much…only to take out so little!


  2. The fourth estate of a nation should be a neutral unbiased and an utterly professional . if only. The likes of Rajdeep Turd-esai and Sar-kha Dutt has given a new meaning to the word “Journalism” . And it seems the number of their kind is on the increase .


  3. This is the result of 24X7 news…Arnab Goswami is another anchor/interviewer who likes listening to his own voice…I don’t know how the anchors on regional channels are…


  4. You hit the nail right on the head . 24/7 indeed . They have to show something or the other , they have to keep the “show” running . How different are these from those breed of politicians who would do anything for votes . They do it for TRP . Damn them all ..


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